Enterprise Mobility Suite

Leverage our depth of experience to help you reduce downtime, improve troubleshooting, speed up deployments, and meet the needs of your ever accelerating business. Based on years of supporting ruggedized device deployments, performing MDM migrations, and implementing large scale mobile applications, our team has translated those experiences into a suite of tools that will help you manage your fleets of mobile devices.

1. Enterprise Launcher

Enterprise Launcher is designed to secure devices and provide single sign-on to reduce the amount of time your employees spend logging into applications during their day.

2. Support Agent

Support Agent provides an on-device agent that provides your support teams rich device analytics data to improve device uptime, reduce help desk call time, and proactively fix issues.

3. Playbook MDM

Playbook MDM is a lightweight mobile device management tool that allows you to control device settings and deploy software. It is designed around the principles of simplicity and consistency.

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Security & Control

Enterprise Launcher

We saw a need for an enterprise launcher for organizations with a fleet of shared devices. The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is designed specifically for rugged devices. Out of the box we support basic functions such as simple branding, single sign-on + NFC, notifications (Non-GMS & GMS), smart scan – home screen search, versatile security make the enterprise launcher a unique enterprise mobility management solution.

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Device & App Visibility

Support Agent

Support Agent offers organizations a flexible platform for enterprise mobile intelligence into your EMM system. We believe companies should not spend time & resources building complex systems for gathering data. With Support Agent, we deliver value to all levels of your organization, providing insights that allow you to monitor, analyze and act on business-critical information.

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Playbook MDM

The BlueFletch Playbook is the only MDM enterprise mobility management solution developed specifically for rugged Android devices. Our Playbook gives the enterprise an efficient and reliable way to manage, configure and update devices. Enterprise clients achieve real-time visibility into your deployment progress, from an individual device to your entire deployment target.

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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

At BlueFletch we are reinventing the products your team needs to be successful. Help your business achieve more with our suite of enterprise mobility management solutions.

Trusted by industry leaders

Our complete and cohesive vision and our commitment to creating flexible tools that are easy and enjoyable to use have made us a widely trusted partner to some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Enterprise Android

Geared for company owned shared rugged Android devices.

Cloud Native

Built for resiliency and scalability leveraging the advantages of cloud computing.

For Small Teams

Built to level up the 1 to 2 person device management teams with great technology and process.

Simple & Focused

The capability and usability to support shared rugged enterprise devices.

Ready to Focus on your Business

Let us build the tools so that your organization can focus on becoming more productive, profitable and competitive.

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