Improving the End-User Login Experience on Shared Android Devices

A frictionless login process can make a huge impact on your end-user experience, productivity, and security posture. Learn more about Fashion a Native Android Experience with Chrome here!

Watch the video below to see how the BlueFletch Launcher with single sign-on helps enterprises achieve a simple and secure login experience. 


Paige Pickert  
This is Mike. He’s a store associate at a large retailer, and he doesn’t like using his rugged Android device due to the slow disruptive login process. Mike is annoyed that he has to retype his username and password for every business app he uses during the day. Mike also has a hard time remembering all of his passwords, so he’s constantly calling the helpdesk to reset them. But ever since his company’s switched to the BlueFletch launcher, Mike has had a faster, hassle-free login experience. With BlueFletch launcher single sign-on, Mike doesn’t have to keep up with as many passwords. He only has to log in once to authenticate and gain immediate access to all his company apps. Mike can also quickly re-authenticate his session by using NFC badge tap voice, fingerprint biometrics face recognition, barcode scan, or pin. To learn more about how the BlueFletch launcher improves the user login experience on rugged Android devices, contact us at info at

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