Picture of Vanessa Mastrosimone

Vanessa Mastrosimone

UX / UI Designer


Vanessa Mastrosimone is a highly skilled UX/UI designer with a profound commitment to crafting meaningful user experiences through empathy and meticulous research. Her unique background in software engineering enriches her approach to design, combining a creative problem-solving mindset with an engineering perspective. Vanessa is a vital member of the BlueFletch design team, contributing her expertise and passion for delivering exceptional design solutions.

– Deep understanding of design principles
– Specialized knowledge in visual communication
– Proficiency in wireframe creation
– Versatile in low to high fidelity design & prototyping
– Profound proficiency in user research methodologies
– Creative problem-solving abilities
– Effective design critique and feedback
– Exceptional attention to detail
– Proficient in Agile methodologies

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Seattle Pacific University (December 2019)

Career Background:
Before joining the BlueFletch team, Vanessa Mastrosimone embarked on a career path that bridged both software engineering and user experience engineering. Her diverse experiences have uniquely positioned her to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of UX/UI design.

Vanessa Mastrosimone’s dedication to creating innovative and user-centric designs has made her a standout talent in the industry. Her ability to meld the technical aspects of software engineering with the artistic elements of design results in extraordinary, user-focused solutions. Vanessa continues to shape the digital landscape through her creative insights and passion for designing experiences that truly matter.