Secure your Shared
Enterprise Android Devices

The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a home screen replacement for shared enterprise Android devices
that gives IT admins the security control they need and the seamless experience end-users expect. 

How the BlueFletch Launcher solves shared device challenges

Get the Android Security Solutions Brief

Secure single sign-on for web, mobile, legacy, and 3rd party apps

Ties into existing Identity Provider (Okta, Ping, OIDA, ADFS)

Show or hide applications based on end-user role or permission level

Use check-in/check-out event data to see current or most recent user logged in

BlueFletch launcher user interface and functionality

Clear running apps, destroy session tokens, and remove cookies upon logout

Multiple re-authentication methods (NFC, barcode, face, PIN/secondary token) 

Customize smart logout rules (logout on cradle, inactivity timer, etc.)

Lockdown device settings to prevent misuse


Pricing Information

Launcher is sold as a SaaS offering (annual per device license). The license also includes Support Agent, Enterprise Installer EMM tooling, setup and ongoing support.


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