Research Report:

Boosting Productivity of Frontline Workers with Modern Mobility

VDC Research Survey of Enterprises using Mobile Devices for Frontline Workforces

This research report is a summary of findings from a survey done by VDC Research of enterprises using mobile computing devices such as rugged Android devices for their frontline workforce.

The report takes a look at how enterprises are using mobility in industries such as retail, warehousing, and transportation, what challenges they face, and their priorities going forward.

Some interesting data points in the report include:

  • 75.6% of enterprise organizations with frontline workers use a shared workforce device model
  • On average frontline workers will use 5.4 unique apps to support their workflow
  • 36.2% of enterprises use manual check-in/out process for their workforce devices 
  • 24% of enterprises share an account for temp or seasonal workforce 

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