BlueFletch EMS Demo Download

BlueFletch EMS (Enteprise Mobile Security) provides enterprise-grade security for shared employee and rugged Android devices.

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The BlueFletch EMS demo can be installed on an Android device (ver 5.0 – 11). Submit the following form to receive the link. 

BlueFletch EMS Key Features

Device Lockdown and Recovery

  • Customizable Enterprise Android Launcher 
  • Device Finder Tool 
  • Enterprise EMM and Installer 
  • Playbook MDM for Deploying Actions to Devices
  • Device Wipe 
  • Low Battery Alarm 
  • Device Remote Control for Real-Time Troubleshooting 
  • Custom Secure Notifications Tray 
  • Secure Browser with Configurable Settings 

Login and Authentication

  • Single Sign-on for any Application
  • Identity Provider Integration 
  • Passwordless Authentication
  • Password Manager for Securely Storing Credentials
  • Device Check-in/Check-out
  • Intelligent Login Based on Behavior Patterns

User and Device Compliance

  • Support Agent App with Device-specific Data
  • Support Agent SDK for Reporting Custom Data Attributes
  • Custom Dashboard to Monitor Devices, Apps, and Users
  • Configurable Smart Alerts