James O'Rourke

James O'Rourke

Customer Success Engineer at BlueFletch

James O’Rourke is a dedicated and highly skilled Customer Success Engineer with a strong background in IT and quality assurance. His professional journey and expertise can be summarized as follows:


Education: James O’Rourke is a recent graduate of Hillsdale College, located in Atlanta, Georgia, which indicates his academic background.

Certification: He is CompTIA A+ certified, showcasing his expertise in IT and technical support.

Professional Experience:

BlueFletch (Oct 2022 – Present, 1 year 1 month):

Role: Customer Success Engineer

As a Customer Success Engineer at BlueFletch, James collaborates with the Customer Success Director to manage and nurture the relationships with BlueFletch’s current customers. This role involves regularly scheduled check-ins with customers to understand how they are utilizing BlueFletch’s products, identify new needs, and determine if existing features can meet those needs. He also engages in seasonal business reviews to gather customer feedback, share the company’s roadmap, and quantify financial savings achieved by the clients through BlueFletch’s solutions.

BlueFletch (Apr 2019 – Oct 2022, 3 years 7 months):

Role: Quality Assurance Analyst

Prior to his role as a Customer Success Engineer, James served as a Quality Assurance Analyst at BlueFletch. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of the company’s software products. His responsibilities included software testing, including manual testing, exploratory testing of new features, and manual regression testing of BlueFletch’s web and Android applications. He also delved into automated test scripting, using JavaScript-based tools like Cypress and Mocha. Furthermore, James was responsible for maintaining technical documentation for the BlueFletch Enterprise application suite and web portal.


James O’Rourke’s expertise is centered around customer success, quality assurance, and technical support. As a Customer Success Engineer, he excels in building and maintaining customer relationships, helping clients maximize the value of BlueFletch’s products, and ensuring their needs are met. His background as a Quality Assurance Analyst has equipped him with in-depth knowledge of software testing, both manual and automated, as well as experience in maintaining technical documentation.

James is known for his strong work ethic, reliability, and a passion for problem-solving. His eagerness to learn and expand his IT skills underscores his commitment to providing exceptional service and support to clients. James O’Rourke is a versatile professional who brings both technical and customer-focused skills to his roles, making him a valuable asset to any organization in the IT and customer success domains.