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A BlueFletch team member will reach out to schedule a call to answer your questions and set up your personal demo environment.

We look forward to getting you set up and hearing your feedback on BlueFletch Enterprise.

In preparation for your demo setup, the following information typically helpful:

  • Types of Android devices you use (e.g. Zebra TC53, Honeywell CT40)
  • Your preferred identity provider (e.g. Okta, Azure AD, LDAP)
  • Any known applications for which you will be using SSO
  • Any custom authentication requirements you have (e.g. FIDO2, PIV, Biometrics, 2FA)
  • Team members you want us to add as administrators to your demo environment

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Discover How F1000 Enterprises Benefit from Using BlueFletch 

“A big benefit BlueFletch offers is finding devices.  Its a very easy ROI argument to make back to the business …”

“(Bluefletch) allows us to lock down devices. With NFC, drivers can quickly log back into their devices … “

“(BlueFletch) helps us securely authenticate and authorize our team members so we have profile based access …”

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