Zebra Device Tracker and Finder

Up to 15% of a workforce device fleet goes missing a year.


BlueFletch Enterprise creates visibility to device statuses and easily tracks and finds missing workforce devices alleviating the cost of device loss.

BlueFletch Enterprise: Security Management for Shared Workforce Devices

Device Tracker and Management

Enterprise Launcher

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Support Agent

Track and Find Missing Devices

Device Tracker and Finder

Built-in configuration tools to find missing workforce devices using network access points, GPS or bluetooth; map devices on or off location; dispatch audible alerts to device location

Check-in/out Events and Battery Alerts

See which users currently have what device and when they last used them to maintain device accountability; alerts as battery thresholds are met to keep devices from going missing.

Detailed login and usage data can be fed into any backend data services to support end-to-end visibility of device usage.

Alleviate Device Loss / Missing Device Costs

Tracking lost devices, maintaining device accountability in a shared environment, and visibility of devices help to alleviate the high yearly cost of missing devices.

Rapid Login, Launcher

Enterprise Launcher, Role-Based Permissions for Shared Devices

BlueFletch configures the device screen; workers logging into a shared Zebra device gain immediate access to the apps tied to user role or permission level.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Zebra Devices

Reduce clicks and eliminate redundant logins with single sign-on for all mobile, web, legacy, and third-party applications on your Zebra hand-helds

Quick (<5 second) Login

Authenticate directly with major Identity Providers (like Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD), BlueFletch Launcher provides a fast and frictionless login experience.

Modern Re-Authentication

Employees can quickly re-authenticate their session on their Zebra workforce devices using NFC, FaceRec, Fingerprint, FIDO2, Barcode, and PIN to instantly access devices and apps instead of re-entering passwords.

Custom Launcher, SSO, Quick Re-Authentication
Bluefletch secure Android launcher in use
Clear Data on Logout

Robust Security Management

Device and User-Level Security Control

Display applications to users based on their role and restrict access to settings and other applications using a configuration whitelist.

Identity Provider Support

Integrates into all major Identity Providers (e.g. Azure AD, Okta, SailPoint, Ping), allowing consistent enterprise security out-of-the-box.

Configurable Logout Events

Logout can be triggered based on custom events such as device cradled, no detected motion, and timer per role.

Clear Cached Data Upon Logout

Clear running apps, destroy session tokens, and remove cookies upon logout of the Zebra device

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