We pick up where traditional MDMs drop off. While SOTI, Airwatch and GOOD are organized around a BYOD culture, we offer the only fully customizable option regardless of device or management system.

We saw a need for an enterprise launcher for organizations with a fleet of shared devices. The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is designed specifically for rugged devices.
Providing your devices with flexibility is key. We recognize and embrace that every organization is different. Also, we do not tie your hands to a specific device, management system (MDM) or security paradigm.
Out of the box, we support basic functionality such as simple branding, application order and most enterprise identity systems. Our launcher is unique in that it can be extended to support custom layouts, identity providers and leveraged to grant access to in-app functionality.

Single Sign-on + NFC

Leverage your existing identity systems for device authentication. Make logins lightning fast with NFC badge authentication.
With extension manager support, VoIP extensions and telephones numbers can be automatically assigned to devices. Eliminate the need to support a separate paring application or complex manual processes.
In conjunction with our SDK, the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher can serve as your mobile application’s identify provider. Allowing gated access to applications and even feature access from within applications.


Centralized notifications are stored and forwarded so that your users can use whatever device is available to them. Simply put, notifications follow the user not the device.

Another unique feature is automatic topic subscription which makes it easy to send targeted notifications. At login, we use the profile of the current user to subscribe to notification targets such as: location, site, role, active directory group, etc.

Notifications can be broadcast from backend services, applications and/or existing push systems.

Support for heads-up view for pre-Lollipop (5.0) devices and deep linking into your organizations enterprise applications.

No Google Play services required! Keep everything contained and safe in your own environment. Deploy to your private cloud or existing on-prem solution.

Use existing Windows or Unix/Linux based servers (Java or Node.js).

Smart Scan – Home Screen Search

Smart Scan responds to the native scanner with configurable actions. Smart Scan has been used for:

  • Bluetooth printer pairing: scan a printer’s barcode and automatically associate with the current device.
  • Item Look-up: scan a barcode to launch a detail view directly from the launcher e.g. a receipt, SKU, order, or bill of lading.

The home screen search bar takes context from the search terms to provide a tailored response.

  • Search for apps and system files
  • Look up contacts, SKUs and order numbers
  • Call phone numbers and extensions

Versatile Security

Every organization has unique requirements and specific security needs. We developed the launcher based on a decade long experience supporting shared ruggedized devices in the field.

We provide granular control that your organization needs when whitelisting applications.

You can lock down device settings with flexible rules based on your organizations requirements.

Provide customers with the convenience of your in-store device with guest mode. Guest mode can feature open applications such as gift registry, item lookup or customer check-in to be used without authentication.

With the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher SDK, granting security access is simplified. Applications can request user rights based on the active user’s profile.

Ready to give it a try?

The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher works with all Android based devices and rugged mobile computers from Zebra, Bluebird, Honeywell/Intermec and Panasonic.