How to Get More Value From your MDM

Organizations with an existing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) often wonder if buying licenses for BlueFletch Enterprise is necessary. Existing EMMs such as SOTI or Workspace ONE provide excellent toolsets for organizations to leverage, but often fall short with user experience and operational requirements. 95% of our customers utilize BlueFletch on top of their existing EMM system. Popular MDM and EMMs include WSO, InTune, MobileIron, Avalanche, and 42Gears. 

BlueFletch Enterprise is explicitly designed for such scenarios. BlueFletch sits on top of existing EMMs, creating an even more dynamic experience with our integrated toolset. Tools such as our Single Sign-On (SSO) login, Chat, and Launcher features offer valuable benefits to organizations’ device fleets. Check out our complete Enterprise SSO guide here!

In this blog, we’ll cover 4 key ways you can use BlueFletch Enterprise to bring additional value to your MDM.

MDM with Intune vs. Microsoft Mobile Device Management

What is BlueFletch Enterprise?

BlueFletch Enterprise is a set of security management tools focused on shared Android workforce device fleets. Our toolset increases end-user productivity and provides exceptional security while reducing support costs. The core component of our toolset is the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher, which controls the user experience while offering plugins and modules for security, user experience, and device control.

The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

Our prime tool is the BlueFletch Launcher, an Android home screen replacement that controls the user experience and device settings across a fleet of devices. This highly customizable Launcher allows organizations to manage user permissions, device applications, layout, and more. All while providing a seamless login experience with Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Our Launcher integrates with all major Identity providers, making it easy to tie into existing systems without the need to replace or restart. 

Key Areas to Improve your MDM with BlueFletch

1. Login and SSO for Mobile Workforce Devices

Right out of the box, BlueFletch comes with features like SSO, Facerec, NFC, and other seamless authentication methods to create a frictionless login experience. We have a much more detailed and flexible login solution than SOTI, Workspace One, and InTune. Our goal is to provide end users with the best possible login experience rather than taking over user management. 

Integrating our software is flexible and works across many existing identity providers (IdPs). You can leverage your current IdP without additional overhead and plug our tools into what you already have. The BlueFletch system can easily integrate into your existing environment without disrupting what tools you have in place. 

Additionally, our login functionality is customizable, allowing an organization to create role-based access for users across the enterprise. These features help curate a truly shared device environment to allow any verified user to interact with a customized user experience.  

Single Sign-On

The cornerstone of our login solution is reducing login friction with Single sign-on (SSO). SSO is a security feature that enables organizations to manage resource and application access across their network. Organizations can delegate individual users, and role-based groups access to applications. 

Once authorized, all it takes is one set of credentials for a user to access all of their workplace applications. Users can seamlessly alternate between these approved applications and web pages without re-authenticating. This feature reduces login stress and time and creates a more productive work environment. 

SSO cuts subsequent login down from an average of 43 seconds to under a second. Once SSO authenticates a user, they’re part of an authorized, active session while they use the device. Upon logging out, this session expires and entirely cuts off access to the device, boosting security. Enhancing the level of protection among shared devices by reducing time wasted logging in, forgotten passwords, and possible nefarious entry. 

Our fast re-authentication is compatible with technology such as facial recognition, NFC badge taps, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and FIDO2 keys. 

BlueFletch Enterprise reshapes the integrity of an organization’s authentication protocol. Further securing devices while boosting user productivity and the overall shared device experience.

2 - Improved Security Posture 

BlueFletch works to improve the security posture of shared Android devices by clearing application and user data upon logging out, enforcing access policies defined by the organization, and running inside the four walls. We ensure our clients that user data is safe within our system as we work to protect the privacy of the individual and the organization. 

Since our toolset allows organizations to set their own security policies, we create an environment built upon the foundation defined by the enterprise. We never tamper with access policies and only allow authorized members within an organization to make necessary changes.  

Device Accountability

Device accountability is a crucial component of a secure enterprise. Shared devices find their way across the entirety of an enterprise. And in organizations with a wide range of use cases and a large number of end users, having access to critical device information can be the difference between a secure environment and compromised information. For this reason, we integrate a variety of actionable data for organizations to monitor and manage.

We take device accountability beyond the current standard with advanced features not found across the board. BlueFletch logs data related to device activity that helps improve device accountability. We store information on a user’s activities on a device, the applications they access, what network they connect to, and the device’s battery level. This paints a vivid portrait of any given scenario and helps retrace steps to determine why it may have gone missing in the first place.

Device Finder

One highlight of our device accountability toolset is our Device Finder. This tool used precise geolocation using WiFi-6 to locate devices on a map. An organization can access an accurate environment map to track down devices. Recently we’ve begun to support AR integrations that work with a device’s camera for an augmented reality experience. The AR camera uses markers to point out the device if it’s on a shelf somewhere on the floor.  

Another prominent feature of our device finder tool is our advanced check-in and check-out functionality. BlueFletch captures a list of every user who logs into a device, the time of their login/log-out, and the device’s precise location. Additionally, device finder can also trigger an audible sound or alarm on a device. 

Check out our recent YouTube video displaying the features of Device Finder.

Tools to Protect Data

Protecting data is a focal point of device accountability, and we have some proactive tools for maintaining the privacy of our client’s data. If a device leaves your network or geofence, we can lock it down until it returns to your store. Once it returns, we can re-enable its feature set, protecting any data on the device. We’ve even gone so far as to build a time bomb feature, which wipes a device of all its data after a certain amount of time. This is critical when recovering a device is not possible or is in the hands of a thief. Even though the loss of a device is costly, it is far more reasonable than the loss of sensitive data. 

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3 - Reduce Support costs for Android devices 

On the top of any client’s list is the cost of licensing BlueFletch Enterprise support. Companies always look for the best deal, especially when they spend thousands of dollars on a device fleet. Naturally, they want to protect their investment and ensure that the support cost of BlueFletch Enterprise is worthwhile. 

The BlueFletch Support Agent is one of the first tools within our Enterprise Suite. We have an extensive track record of supporting large enterprise deployments across various industries since 2008. Our focus is to collect as much device data as possible to maintain a healthy support structure. 

Instead of relying on the MDM to create actionable data, we want the endpoint to generate accurate reports. We leverage device data to develop a richer understanding of what is happening within a device and its use cases in the field. This gives IT support teams the edge they need to troubleshoot a single device or run a query across the entire fleet. 

Accessing Actionable Data

One of the advantages of the BlueFletch Support Agent is that we’re flexible with where analytical data goes. An organization does not have to pull information from its MDMs database. They can seamlessly access device data directly from the BlueFletch portal. Our dashboards identify and organize information to curate an accessible environment for organizations to better manage and support their devices. An organization also has the ability to route its data through an existing analytic tool such as Splunk or Power BI, which may be an advantage when searching for additional reports. 

Many of our clients find application information to be extremely valuable. With BlueFletch, an organization can see application use data. Helping them to survey their user base better and generate an efficient environment for end users. In addition to application data, we also provide information about which peripherals are in use and which user groups use what applications. 

Access to such relevant data reduces support costs by having actionable data ready. Helpdesk teams no longer have to outsource support or wait around for data from their existing MDMs to troubleshoot and resolve device issues. Putting data in the hands of our clients creates a more advanced management solution for any given enterprise. 

4 - Improved End User Experience

BlueFletch Enterprise is designed for shared Android devices, whereas many MDMs are for single-user devices. We put Android first, providing a better user experience that curates to features you won’t find in an existing MDM. 

Some of our user experience features include:

  • Widgets 
  • Notifications
  • App Switchers
  • Contextual Search
  • Highly Configurable look and feel
  • Chat

Make Enterprise Devices User Friendly

We’re building more user-friendly features that make handling a device personalized and efficient. Notifications, icons, and widgets showing recent notifications or emails are ways we continue to engage users. Users can quickly switch applications and search their systems for files and tools. We’re trying to bring all those awesome tools existing in the consumer space to the enterprise workforce. Shared device users deserve to have a polished, sharp look and feel. Especially when they rely on these devices for daily responsibilities, a device should be one a user wants to use and feels as if it belongs to them. 

BlueFletch Chat Tool

We’re proud of our BlueFletch Chat feature, which allows teams to communicate directly from our Launcher without needing a third-party application like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Slack. While many organizations love Microsoft Teams, it is not specifically for field workforce users. BlueFletch chat is purpose-built for field scenarios, offering end users the functionality that works best with their job. We offer role and site-based chat to curate devices for specific functionalities. Our chat supports direct messaging, video, and audio communication. 

Key Takeaways

BlueFletch Enterprise upgrades authentication, security, cost, and user experience for shared devices. With our ever-growing library of features, organizations can feel safe knowing BlueFletch is working hard to give users and management alike the experience they need. If you’re interested in demoing our features or want to ask more questions, please contact us at

For a more in-depth discussion on improving the value of your MDM with BlueFletch, check out our podcast.