Access Made Easy: Embracing the Magic of Frictionless SSO

Logging in to your accounts is such a stressful process when you have to keep doing it over and over again. With Single Sign-On you have immediate access to all of your business apps within seconds. Check out our complete Enterprise SSO guide!

Watch how this process works with the video below.



It may surprise you how much time is lost every year entering login credentials and resetting forgotten passwords. Having to repeatedly enter complex usernames and passwords each time you open a business app can be a time-consuming, disruptive process for field workers. The BlueFletch Launcher provides a frictionless login across all applications with single-sign-on (SSO). Check out the benefits of Single-Sign-On 

By integrating directly with all major identity providers, our launcher authenticates users and gives them immediate access to their business apps in seconds. It’s a hassle for warehouse workers to manually type in their username and password every time they use a device during their shift, especially when wearing gloves. To streamline the user experience, the BlueFletch Launcher supports multiple re-authentication methods, including NFC. Employees can simply tap their NFC badge on a device and gain instant secure access to all their applications. 

Warehouses are fast-paced work environments, making it more likely for employees to set a device down and forget where it was placed. BlueFletch’s Toolset helps reduce device loss by giving managers the ability to ping a device that has been misplaced. This action triggers a loud audible alert so that a device can be easily located.

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