Point Mobile PM75 Review: Evaluating a Rugged Enterprise Scanner

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    The Point Mobile PM75 is a rugged enterprise Android device purpose-built for frontline mobile workers. In this hands-on review, we’ll evaluate how well this scanner performs for warehouse, construction, delivery, and other demanding environments.

    Overview and Build Quality

    Released in 2022, the PM75 comes with the latest Android 11 software to enable modern workflows. Under the hood, it packs a fast 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm processor with 3GB RAM for smooth performance.

    With an IP65 rating, MIL-STD 810H certification, and ability to withstand 1.5 meter drops, the PM75 delivers reliable operation despite water, dust, shocks, and drops. Gorilla Glass helps the touchscreen remain readable in sunlight.

    Despite the durable build, the PM75 remains lightweight at 246 grams. Though compact, the textured edges provide a secure grip. The handheld design makes scanning comfortable, even during long shifts.

    Key Features and Capabilities

    Scanning – Workers can capture barcodes with either the fast green dot laser or precise crosshair laser scanner. The dedicated trigger provides ergonomic, instant scanning capabilities.

    Authentication – Using the built-in NFC reader, employees can instantly authenticate and access authorized apps and data just by tapping their ID badges or security tokens, without typing passwords.

    Communication – With the simple push-to-talk button, workers can clearly communicate across distances. This simplifies collaboration in large warehouses.

    Software Integration – Point Mobile’s mKIT software development kit simplifies integrating workflows, apps, data capture, and device monitoring.

    Enhanced Software Details With mKIT

    One major advantage of Point Mobile devices is their mKIT software ecosystem. mKIT goes far beyond basic mobile device management to provide a sophisticated set of tools to maximize enterprise mobility ROI.

    Key mKIT features include:

    Application Management: Remotely install, update, configure and optimize apps running on devices to ensure high performance and consistent user experience. For example, scan engine settings that maximize range or save power.

    Monitoring & Diagnostics: In-depth visibility into device metrics like app crashes, battery drain, network connectivity, overheating alerts, etc. IT can proactively address issues before impacting users.

    Policy Enforcement: Granular policy controls over device capabilities (e.g camera disabled), authorized networks and resources, security protocols and more. This maintains compliance.

    Battery Optimization: Advanced battery management utilizes AI to study usage patterns and schedule background tasks for times when devices are charging. This extends cycles.

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    Example Workflow Efficiency/Safety Improvements

    The PM75 enhances employee workflows through rapid authentication, hands-free verification confirmation, location and sensor integration and real-time communication:

    Inventory pickers can use NFC badges to instantly log in to inventory apps when entering aisles rather than manually entering complex passwords with gloved hands.

    Upon item pick confirmation, pickers get audible confirmation that correct items were scanned without having to shift focus to the device screen.

    If picking from heights, fall detection alerts can automatically trigger safety checks by messaging nearby colleagues for assistance via push notifications.

    During equipment maintenance, technicians can access video calls by pressing the push-to-talk button for remote visual support from experts to help diagnose issues real-time.

    Recommended Applications

    With its durable design, versatile scanning options, robust software ecosystem, and defense-grade security mechanisms, the Point Mobile PM75 provides a compelling enterprise mobility solution.

    It empowers frontline teams with the capabilities needed to drive productivity, safety, accuracy, and real-time coordination in fast-paced mobile working environments across supply chain, logistics, retail, and field services sectors.