How Schnucks Transformed Workforce Productivity with BlueFletch Mobile Solutions

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    Schnucks is a family-owned supermarket chain based in St. Louis. Founded in 1939, Schnucks has grown to over 100 locations serving four states throughout the Midwest. As a leading regional grocer, Schnucks is always looking for ways to empower their store workforce and create a seamless experience for employees.

    To meet this goal, Schnucks implemented mobile device management from BlueFletch Enterprise. The solution enabled single sign-on and robust device tracking for the mobile devices used by Schnucks employees.

    The Challenges of Workforce Mobility

    For many retailers like Schnucks, in-store mobile devices are essential for store associates. These devices allow employees to handle everything from email and chat to internal applications and task management on the salesfloor.

    However, shared mobile devices come with challenges around security and workforce efficiency:

    • Employees wasting time repeatedly logging in and out of apps as devices are shared between shifts
    • Difficulty tracking down missing or lost devices
    • Ensuring proper application access when devices are shared

    To overcome these hurdles, Schnucks looked to modernize their mobility strategy.

    Why Schnucks Chose BlueFletch for Mobile Management

    Schnucks selected BlueFletch Enterprise to introduce seamless single sign-on and robust device security to their mobile technology stack.

    The capabilities unlocked by BlueFletch included:

    • Fast user switching – Employees can securely log in and out of shared devices in seconds using NFC tags. No more wasting time manually closing apps and signing in!
    • Unified access – Single sign-on gives employees access to all their apps and data through one login.
    • Device tracking – If a device becomes lost or misplaced, Schnucks can remotely track it down. No more lost devices!
    • Enhanced security – Devices are locked down to prevent unauthorized access if they fall into the wrong hands.

    According to Joey Smith, VP and CISO at Schnucks, “Technologies like BlueFletch coming into the organization has made it a lot easier to achieve our goal of the handheld being the one-stop-shop for our store teammates.”

    single sign-on

    The Tangible Benefits of Mobile Management for Retailers

    Implementing a robust mobile device management solution has wide-ranging benefits for retail operations, sales, and customer satisfaction.

    On the operations side, mobile technology enables retailers to track inventory in real-time, engage in fast communications across locations, and quickly access data like sales metrics. This results in improved efficiency, productivity, and labor cost savings. According to research, retailers utilizing mobile technology see 25-50% faster inventory counts and a 2-3% reduction in out-of-stock items.

    Mobile also directly enables increased sales. Associates can access online product catalogs, inventory systems, and customer purchase history on mobile devices. This allows employees to provide personalized recommendations and tailor offerings in the moment. Studies show sales associates leveraging mobile tech can achieve 20-30% higher conversion rates.

    Finally, mobile management improves the customer experience. Associates empowered with mobile devices can assist shoppers on the salesfloor in real-time, rather than needing to travel to point-of-sale systems for information. 73% of customers say mobile-enabled employees provide better service.

    In summary, robust mobile management achieves:

    When factoring the hard and soft benefits, mobile technology solutions often provide a 500-800% ROI.

    How BlueFletch Compares to Other Mobile Management Options

    When evaluating solutions, retailers should look for unified device management, security, and workforce enablement capabilities. Here is an overview of how BlueFletch compares to key competitors:

    AirWatch – Powerful for general device security and control, but lacks capabilities tailored to empowering frontline retail workers. Less focus on usability and workforce productivity features.

    SOTI – Excellent for ruggedized devices often used in warehouse environments, but not as optimized for omni-channel retail salesfloor needs. Lighter on critical security features like remote wipe.

    BlueFletch – Purpose-built to balance workforce productivity and security for retail. Intuitive tools like NFC single sign-on designed for store associates. Unified platform spanning device management, identity access, and loss prevention.

    While companies like AirWatch and SOTI are leaders, BlueFletch stands apart with its specialization for the needs of omni-channel retail. It provides the full suite of device tracking, security, and workforce tools merchants need in a single intuitive platform. For retailers looking to maximize mobility capabilities with minimal headache, BlueFletch is the superior choice.

    • Mobile technology provides significant operations, sales, and customer satisfaction benefits for retailers
    • Solutions like BlueFletch optimize mobile management for the omni-channel retail environment
    • When evaluating providers, look for unified capabilities beyond just device security
    • Specialized retail solutions will provide the best ROI and usability
    workforce efficiency

    Key Takeaways for Retailers

    The success story of Schnucks demonstrates how retailers can revolutionize workforce productivity and efficiency by implementing robust mobile device management.

    With solutions like BlueFletch Enterprise, stores can enable seamless single sign-on, find misplaced devices, and drive omnichannel productivity from mobile technology. The result is a more empowered, productive workforce.

    For retail businesses looking to compete in the digital age, mobile management is a must-have. Follow Schnucks’ lead in partnering with providers like BlueFletch to maximize the power of mobility for your workforce.

    Ready to transform workforce productivity with mobile management? Contact our team today to learn more about retail mobility solutions.