Enterprise Mobile Strategy Workshop

BlueFletch is a team of mobile software experts based out of Atlanta. Since 2008, we have helped a large number of enterprises with the implementation of their enterprise mobile strategy (both Rugged and Consumer apps).

If anyone in your organization is looking for assistance to accelerate their mobile projects, we provide a free enterprise mobile strategy workshop covering a variety of topics tailored to your specific interest areas.

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Are you interested in learning how to move your next project forward? Need help making a technology selection? Or are you unsure on how to move from legacy systems to modern enterprise mobile apps? Schedule a free Workshop to get started in the right direction.

An enterprise mobile strategy workshop is an opportunity for your team to pick our brains about our experience developing mobile solutions and enterprise mobile apps. Past workshop topics include development tooling, hardware interaction, UX design approach, deployment process domain-specific mobile principles (retail, logistics, and warehouse).

The Process:


Introduction Call

A 30-minute call to introduce yourself, the areas you are interested in learning about, and to schedule a face to face meeting.

Discover Research

We will review any provided documentation and do field research (where applicable).


A face-to-face workshop that normally is 2-3 hours of discussions.


We will send any action items or relevant follow-up notes from the workshop.

How much does it cost?

Free – Doing a workshop with us is free. Instead of investing in marketing, we have found spending our resources helping people out is a great way to get referrals.

Location for the workshop?

Your place or ours. We can host you at our offices in midtown Atlanta, or we can visit you at your offices. We may ask you to help pitch in for travel costs if your office is really far.

Who do we need involved?

Resources who benefit from the workshop: project managers, technical architects, and business stakeholders. We would like the group to be big enough to help you get value across your teams, but small enough to have effective dialogue.


Some of the questions we are frequently asked about the logistics for an enterprise mobile strategy workshop with the BlueFletch team.

Mobile Strategy Workshop Areas

The following are some of the key areas of discussion that we have covered over the last few years:

Enterprise Mobile Apps and Enterprise Mobile Strategy Related Topics

Design and UX

  • Requirements and user stories
  • UX standards and flows
  • User testing and feedback
  • Contextual driven app interactions
  • Reducing cost through design

Legacy Integration

  • Pros/Cons of various integration approaches
  • Modern backend services
  • Scalable performance
  • Green screen migrations
  • iOS to Android migrations
  • Legacy to modern cutover

Development Tooling

  • Development languages experience
  • Environment optimization
  • CICD / Build Process
  • Hybrid tooling
  • Training / transitioning developers

Hardware Interaction

  • Rugged device API
  • Device experiences
  • External payment
  • External IoT integration
  • Sensors
  • RFID / NFC communication
  • Barcode scanning / OCR

Modern Technology

  • Performance scalability
  • Cloud technologies
  • Bot and AI integration
  • Micro Services
  • Cloud Native
  • Developer availability
  • Voice and video

Deployment and Support

  • MDM structure
  • Pilot approach process
  • Deployment tracking
  • Operational support model
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Analytics and user feedback
  • Release processes

Domain Related Topics

Retail Operations

  • POS integration
  • Buy online pickup in store
  • Customer loyalty
  • Geo-fencing and beacons
  • Receiving and inventory
  • interactive kiosks
  • Reporting and data

Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Track and trace
  • Offline capabilities
  • Vehicle interaction
  • Yard management
  • IoT container / piece tracking
  • Product visibility

Warehouse Operations

  • Warehouse flow optimization
  • Improved data capture
  • Item location and lookup
  • Cycle count capture
  • WMS modernization
  • NFC / RFID tracking

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