EMS Release Notes – Q1 2020

Product Updates

The following includes EMS product updates, new feature announcements, enhancements, and bug fixes the BlueFletch team rolled out January-March of 2020. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our team at ems@bluefletch.com. Look here for EMS Release Notes – Q2 2020

Enterprise Launcher


  • BlueFletch Keyboard: Created an Alphanumeric keyboard so users would no longer have to toggle between letters and numbers.
  • Secondary Authentication (Pin Code): Gives users the ability to re-enter an active Launcher session by entering a pin instead of their IDP/IAM credentials.
  • Single App Kiosk Mode: Locks the launcher into a single application mode temporarily and requires a pin to get back into the standard Launcher mode.
  • Compatibility with Nokia: EMS can support silent installs and allows Launcher to fully lock down Nokia devices.


Launcher becomes compatible with Bringg app to leverage SSO.

We moved our EMS documentation to a public-facing site for easier onboarding and familiarization of EMS product components.

Support Agent


  • Low Battery Alert: Admins can subscribe to alerts so when configured thresholds are met, an email is sent to them and they can check on the affected device(s). Specifically, we added an alert for low/critical batteries to help mitigate devices from going dead and never found.  


Data captured by support agent can now be to sent to both SPLUNK and our EMS backend in GCP.