BlueFletch EMM +
Android Enterprise

Powerful and consistent solutions to your business with Android

Some years ago, recommending an Android device in the enterprise may have raised an eyebrow. But now, Android has become the go-to OS for many enterprises around the world due to the diversity of the platform, flexibility of form factor, and multi-layered security. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO guide here!

Together, BlueFletch EMM and Android Enterprise offer a consistent, intuitive experience of configuring, controlling, and managing devices for every ownership type: work profile, fully managed, or dedicated device scenarios.

A powerful EMM solution, backed by Google intelligence

The BlueFletch EMM solution is built on Android Management APIs and leverages Google’s cloud infrastructure for security, scale, and consistency. 


Get devices up and running quickly with multiple enrollment methods including QR, NFC, code, and Zero-Touch enrollment.


Managed Google Play offers an intuitive way to distribute and remotely configure private and public apps, allowing admins to secure apps and their data.


Using machine learning, Google Play Protect continuously scans each device to identify and block harmful applications. 


Android Enterprise Management APIs allow IT to configure and enforce policy controls across device fleets, from fully managed devices to personally-enabled and single-use scenarios.

Enterprise Mobility Management dashboard

More than 41% of all data breaches are the result of lost or stolen devices

Keep your company’s data, users, and devices secure with Android Enterprise

Purpose-built toolkit for managing Dedicated Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise Installer supports all management sets, but we provide the most unique and innovative offerings for dedicated device scenarios.

Our EMM solution is paired with our Enterprise Launcher and Support Agent toolset, allowing organizations to provide multi-user SSO with all major IDP solutions to reduce helpdesk and operational support costs. This all-in-one toolkit for dedicated devices helps enterprises achieve:

  • Total visibility into every device in real-time, capturing and logging important events
  • Device traceability and user accountability with one, secure single sign-on (SSO) login
  • Robust control of security policies, role-based permissions, and smart logout rules 
Components of BlueFletch EMS: launcher, installer, and support agent

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