The Intern Experience – Joshua Hall

Joshua Hall – Marketing

During my work experience at BlueFletch, I was fortunate enough to have experienced first-hand the many different stages of what goes into a marketing project. I learned the general process of how a project is initially planned, developed, and completed and how much work and detail goes into every stage. Another valuable lesson I have learned during these 9 weeks, is that a Marketing Associate is not limited to just one job function. The responsibilities that they have can vary from project to project. This has provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform in the future.

A Day in the Life

Reflecting back to my first day at BlueFletch, it was one of the most memorable days of my time at work. My first day was a Friday and every Friday a company-wide status update is held to promote unity among the workers.  Everyone stands in a large circle and recites what they worked on during the week and one thing that they learned during the week. When it was my turn to speak I introduced myself and told everyone about a Manhattan real estate trend I had learned about earlier in the week. When I was finished a few other people went until everyone in the circle had finished. I assumed that since everyone in the room had gone we would all promptly return to our desks and get back to work. I was wrong. After we finished up everyone headed to the kitchen where there was a catered breakfast waiting on us. I was very surprised because I wasn’t aware that every Friday breakfast (and sometimes lunch) was brought in for everyone to enjoy. During breakfast that day I began to really get to know my co-workers. They were from a wide range of backgrounds and education levels, but they were all very intelligent and kind. Everyone that I interacted with made me feel welcome and included. The individuals that work here are great.

BlueFletch breakfast clubDuring my time at BlueFletch I had the opportunity to work closely with the co-founders and gain insight into how they run and operate the business day-to-day. This experience is valuable to me because owning my own business is a life goal I have. I learned, first-hand, what it is like to live that out. We even had a seminar for all of the interns to learn the details of what someone should have in mind if they want to start a business. I feel like I have a better understanding of what it takes to run a business now.

My Projects

As a Marketing intern I was tasked with doing research on similar companies to see how our brand stacks up against theirs. I was also tasked with coming up with actionable marketing strategies that could be implemented within the firm. For example, I spearheaded a demo launcher project that would allow potential costumers to use the launcher before they bought it. Another task I had was making videos that showcased different aspects of the EMS platform.

When I was tasked with doing my first assignment I was concerned because I didn’t know anything about the products we sold. I went on the website to see what I could find, and I learned some things, but I still felt like there were bits and pieces missing. I knew that in order to do my job well I would need a good understanding of what our products do and basic understanding of how they work. It wasn’t until I sought help from a co-worker that I felt like I had a good grasp on the knowledge I needed to be successful. My co-workers took time away from their work to give me ample support when I needed it, which speaks to the kind of people that interns are able to work with here. The culture and support at BlueFletch is phenomenal.

Overall, my work experience at BlueFletch was positive. I am very happy with the number of things that I was able to learn and experience in my 9 weeks of being a marketing intern.