Cron Jobs on Load Balanced Multi Instance Elastic Beanstalk

Cron jobs on multi-instance Elastic Beanstalk can be challenging. Our goal is often to have the jobs handled by NodeJS and also guaranteed to run on only one given instance at a time. Sometimes a separate web worker instance makes sense for this, but a lot of times we don’t want a separate server and codebase.

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GraphQL from a Postgres Database in Minutes


Have you ever found yourself in any of the following situations?:
Deadline is getting mighty close and the backend team still hasn’t supplied the very much needed data and REST endpoint yet
The app development team has requested an urgent change to the structure of the data being returned and you have way higher priorities at the moment
The sprint retrospective has your front end team going against your back-end team in a Royal Rumble match?

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google fiber, home security

Always On Home Security

With the impending arrival of Google Fiber in my neighborhood, I can’t contain how happy I am to finally have an alternative to Xfinity. I

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