Pack Light, but Powerful. Vacationing with Mobile Technology

You’ve planned an amazing getaway to explore new places and escape the daily grind. You want to stay connected while traveling, but only to a certain degree. How do you decide what electronics to bring along to best serve you?

vacationing with mobile technology

First, let talk about the most important mobile device: your phone. If not already weatherproof, a rugged and waterproof case can provide more freedom and less worry. Leaving your phone in pocket while swimming in the sea, rather than unattended on a beach, gives a sense of security while allowing capture of underwater photos and images taken in places too risky to expose a traditional camera. The most feature packed waterproof cases include external batteries to recharge a device and can more than double the usage time.

Often my iPhone camera is sufficient for capturing vacation photos, but there are occasions when a point-and- shoot or GoPro is preferable. A snap-happy photog knows this already, but extra batteries and memory cards when capturing high-resolution photos can always prevent disappointment.

vacationing with mobile technology

Sometimes vacations can take you through extremely remote areas like a backpacking trip in a national park. Days might pass without seeing traditional power sources to recharge. Portable solar devices can be deployed during peak sun to keep the campsite sound system powered throughout the trip. Pro tip: instrumental music pairs perfectly with stargazing.

Vacationing with Mobile TechnologyYour phone will be with you most of your trip, but should you be traveling international then don’t except to have continuous network service without a hefty fee. However, the device can still be highly useful even without the connectivity. Your phone is capable of communicating with GPS satellites and displaying location, so be sure to download maps for offline use. Google Maps recently added the ability to download maps and there are also many apps available with offline maps catered to tourism points of interest. This has personally come in handy many times while trying to navigate foreign roads on a moped.

If you one of many who use a premium music service, download music ahead of time for the long plane/train/automobile trips to help pass time. And when you stop to rest or eat, make sure to pick a restaurant or coffee shop with a FreeWiFi sign. This is the perfect time to plan the next few days, book travel and lodging and check-in with loved ones.

Often people say they want to “get away” when traveling, but a realist knows that making mobile technology work for you provides the smoothest and most enjoyable vacations. Use these tips to pack a smart and versatile array of necessary tech.