How to Upgrade Your Zebra Symbol Android Device

We built a custom OS Update application from field experience to increase success rates via validations and checkpoints:… We’ve also included helpful features such as smart downloading from multiple locations, power conditions, external logging and more.

Device updates are an important way to keep Android devices secure and operating at their full potential. Upgrading Zebra Technologies devices from their current version of Android does not need to be a manual, time-consuming process. BlueFletch provides a touchless operating system upgrade process for enterprises looking to migrate devices in the field.

This OS migration process works with most Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions including AirWatch, Soti, Maas360, and BlueFletch’s Enterprise Installer (formerly known as Playbook MDM).

Whether updating a hundred thousand devices or just a few hundred, using this process saves time and money by removing the need to have someone physically touch devices.


Welcome to BlueFletch’s updating OS process. Today I will be showcasing how to easily update Zebra devices by upgrading ATC 72 Android 5.1 point one through our MDM playbook. For this demonstration, I have already provisioned a device that is set up to run the upgrade Zebra OS playbook. This process can be used with other end DMS as well. This playbook contains three plays, when to download our Zebra OS upgrade or app, one to download a local config file for the device, and one to install and start the upgrade process. The installed Zebra OS upgrade replay is already filled out with where to download and install the app. BlueFletch created a custom Zebra OS updater app. Using the Zebra’s APIs. The updater app will automatically download the upgrade package and begin the update. Because our custom app uses Zebra’s APIs. It supports different devices such as the TC 20, TC 70, TC 50, and others. The other play download Zebra TC 70 os upgrade config allows for custom rules to be set during the upgrade process. Some rules include minimum battery charge to prevent phones from powering off device specifications to allow the update reporting back to AirWatch or Splunk and others. The last play was upgraded. A starter has an intent that will run when the installation is finished. This intent will start the OS upgrade process immediately without any interaction needed. Businesses use this feature currently to automatically update their devices out in the field. When the devices are finished installing the update, they will automatically report back to our support agents. Now with the playbook all set up, we can hit deploy on all the devices in our deployment group or run our upgrade Zebra OS playbook. Here is our provision TC 70 Running Android four point 4.3. Prepare to be upgraded to the latest version, Android 5.1 point one. This version is shown in our support agent and also in the settings playbook is currently in the background installing our zero OS upgrade our app and downloading our TC 70 config file. Once finished, it will silently start the OS upgrade if the device meets all the requirements. The TC 70 has now finished its upgrade process. Here using our support agent app, we can verify that the device was fully upgraded to Android 5.1 point one. This also matches the settings in the device. This completes our OS upgrade process for Zebra devices. For a demo or quote, please contact us at info at or 855-529-6349

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