Deploying Production Systems

Deploying hardware and/or software to a production environment involves many moving parts and a lot of coordination. It’s imperative that production deployments are planned and structured in a way that maintains user productivity. Extensive preparation and testing is required to successfully execute a product deployment.

The team at BlueFletch has experience in multiple industries, allowing them to give insight into best practices during the preparation phase.  Long before it’s time to deploy, tasks such as requirements gathering and user testing should be undertaken. Creating prototypes for user testing allows end users to have input into the preparation process. This alerts the development and implementation team to existing issues and provides real-world documentation needed to evaluate the efficiency of business processes.

Detailed planning is another important task in preparation for a product deployment.  Critical aspects such as establishing that the infrastructure is in place and tested, confirming availability of resources and contingency plans are a necessity.   Planning also includes coordinating resources after a deployment in order to establish a support structure to mitigate any issues that arise once a product is deployed.

MDMBlueFletch has worked with multiple MDM (mobile device management) platforms for software and hardware deployment. Our expansive experience allows us to prepare a strategy for using a client’s chosen MDM for deployments.  This includes organizing the MDM platform for ease of future management, developing a staging process to deploy software/hardware at scale and creating processes for updating software and hardware in production. Some examples of our large scale deployments include:

  • Designing and leading the teams that implemented the mobile technology that was the basis for all applications on 100,000 mobile devices at a leading retailer. 
  • Deployed 10,000 Zebra TC51s into 700 Grocery and Liquor stores 
  • Automatic hands-off migration of 20,000 Zebra MC40s from legacy MDM to AirWatch, including an OS Upgrade

Alongside support for a production employment, BlueFletch has also worked with analytics.  These analytics include hardware data points such as battery life, network connectivity and operating system information.  Analytics can also be used to gather information about application usage and to catch issues before they cause an outage or loss of productivity.

BlueFletch can provide know-how in all aspects of the deployment process.  We work alongside our clients to effectively guide them from conceptualization to product deployment. For more information contact