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Supported Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise currently support Android 5.0 + on devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia.

Enterprise Launcher

 A customizable home screen replacement for rugged Android devices, specifically for use in a shared device model. Launcher displays applications to users based on their role and restricts access to settings and other applications using a configuration whitelist. 

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BlueFletch custom launcher home screen on rugged android
BlueFletch device locator dashboard

Device Finder

We’ve all set our keys down somewhere and forgotten about them. The same thing happens with enterprise mobile devices. Leverage the BlueFletch Device Finder to help employees locate misplaced devices and reduce device loss.

Launcher Comparison

See how the BlueFletch Launcher compares to other Launchers from Workspace ONE, Imprivata, SOTI, Zebra, and Honeywell.

Enterprise EMM

BlueFletch is a Google-validated EMM. Leverage solutions like Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE) to simplify the deployment of Android devices in bulk.

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Low Battery Alarm

To keep devices from running out of battery and going missing, set up rules to trigger an audible alarm if a device is not moving or falls below a certain battery threshold. 

Secure Notifications

Secure Notifications is a custom notification tray to be used as a replacement for the default Android System notification tray, with configurable control on what to display.

Secure Browser

The BlueFletch Secure Browser is an alternative browser for Android devices with configurable settings to control browsing activity.

Enterprise Installer

Install configs remotely, manage business apps, and lockdown device features & settings to ensure functionality.

BlueFletch installer, device management dashboard

Playbook MDM

Run plays and deploy advanced actions to your devices, either through your existing MDM or with BlueFletch’s lightweight toolset.

Enterprise Device Wipe

Ensures that sensitive corporate data is completely removed from the device in the event a device is stolen or missing.

Device Remote Control

Allows IT admins to remotely view, navigate, and resolve device issues in real-time, all from the EMS Web Portal.

BlueFletch Support Agent FAQ

Most of our customers utilized BlueFletch Enterprise on top of their existing MDM (SOTI, WSO, Intune) to add shared user login, advanced security, and user experience features.

BlueFletch is licensed annually per device starting around $53/USD before volume discounts.

BlueFletch can support device login and security without leveraging a cloud connection, by directly connecting to a client’s existing IDP.

BlueFletch launcher can be localized for any language, it is currently used for over 15 languages. Localization for a new language typically takes 1-2 days.


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