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We offer mobile strategy consulting to help organizations navigate all facets of the enterprise mobility landscape. Our solutions team is equipped to assess your organization’s mobile readiness and advise on topics like software and technology selection and long-term hardware planning.

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Lowe’s deployed 80,000 rugged Android devices for their new associate mobility program, but complaints of performance and outage plagued the project.

BlueFletch performed an analysis with stakeholders from all areas of the organization to ensure no concessions were made in meeting the needs of the business. We identified opportunities to streamline device servicing and demonstrated ways they could improve user experience via single sign-on.

Our process

Android Readiness Assessment

Hardware Selection

Operational Planning

Deployment Strategy

“Day 2” Maintenance & Support

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When history repeats itself: is Apple the new Microsoft?

Although Apple has done a great job catering to consumer needs, they are ignoring a segment of legacy enterprise mobile users.

With every new OS release, they are removing features that enterprises who develop internal apps need in order to be successful. And iOS 13 update to notifications is the tipping point...