An Introduction to BlueFletch

CEO and Managing Partner Richard Makerson gives a brief introduction to BlueFletch consulting services and products 


Hi. I’m Richard Makerson, co-founder and managing partner at BlueFletch. We are a 30-person consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in mobile technology. At BlueFletch, we create innovative solutions for large enterprise clients looking to move the needle forward on their most complex and critical issues. With over ten years of experience building enterprise mobile solutions, you gain unparalleled insight into a wide array of industry verticals, including retail, transportation and logistics, and warehousing. Our services range from mobile proof of concepts to full-scale mobile deployments in support. We use our unique access and insights to develop accelerator products such as optical, the business intelligence tool that we use to keep our clients competitive, efficient, and profitable. And BlueFletch, we strive to make our clients and partners look like rock stars. We’re passionate about solving the toughest problems, and we pride ourselves on delivering mobile solutions that end users love to use. For an agile, innovative mobile solution to your biggest challenge, please visit us at or email us at info at