A Detailed Review of the Honeywell Dolphin CT40 Device

The Honeywell Dolphin CT40 was released in 2018 and was designed specifically for retail and logistics companies. Built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, the CT40 is an Android-based handheld mobile computer that has won two awards for product design: iF Design Award in the product design discipline and a Red Dot Award in Industrial Equipment, Machinery, and Automation category.

Hey, I’m Thomas, a Senior Developer at BlueFletch. Today I’ll be doing an in-depth review of the CT40. From Honeywell. It was released in mid-2018 for retailers and logistics companies. There’s a version coming in 2020 called the CT40P with a long-range scanner. The CT40 ships with Android Pie and is upgradeable to Android R for a longer lifespan and longer support. So now we’re going to talk about hardware. The CT40 overall has a very nice feel. It has a large five-inch screen, great ergonomics with great button feedback, and it was a Red Dot design award winner in 2019. One thing that we wish the CT40 had was a front-facing camera so that it could utilize the BlueFletch Enterprise Launchers visual reauthentication. Another thing to note about the device is the lack of a USB-C port. USB-C is great for developers to debug their applications easily. 

This phone has a proprietary port, and the trade-off there is that it offers an extra layer of physical security for the device. The CT 40 has a long battery life with claims of up to 12 hours. In our testing, we’ve seen that vary, but that’s to be expected with any device. It also has a swappable battery for long-use sessions. We were impressed with the scanning performance of the CT40. Like other Honeywell devices, the scanning has a long range in which it can register QR codes on. For example, the longest range we would say we could get to comfortably would be 20 inches on a one by one QR code. So the device has very fast Wi-Fi performance up to the latest standards. It also has a 4G LTE antenna, so drivers and users on the go can get fast performance even off of Wi-Fi. 

As far as accessories, we’ll start with the cradle for the CT40. This cradle has an extra Bay for charging a second battery, as well as a USB-4. There are other cradles that include Ethernet ports and cradles for up to multiple devices up to four devices total. The CT40 also has a rubber boot to put around the device to make it have a higher drop spec rating. And it has a trigger for easier scanning. The Honeywell OEM config can be found on the Play Store and allow for customization and extensions via e Mmm. The device is also Android Enterprise recommended, which will allow for support and easy management in the future. So as far as the overall feedback, we’ll touch on the various categories that we’ve spoken about. The first category is hardware. As far as the hardware of the device, we’d give the device a four out of five. As noted, one of the big missing features is the lack of a front-facing camera on the device. Otherwise, all the other parts of the hardware are very well-designed and thought out. As far as the performance of the device, we’d give it a five out of five. It performs very well compared to other competitors in the enterprise space. And due to the hardware, the device is very snappy and responsive. 

So as far as the development here at BlueFletch, we found this device is about a four out of five. The tools and support surrounding the device are mature. But there’s still some kinks to be worked out. There were questions that we had and other things that could have been more easily solved with better documentation. But overall, it’s a very easy device to work with. So as far as supportability, we’d give the device a five out of five. It started with Nougat, but it is supported all the way through Android, or it’s also Android enterprise recommended. And the good hardware should give it some longevity. As far as look and feel, that also gets a five out of five. The device has a nice five-inch screen. It’s lightweight, has good, responsive buttons, and it was the Red Dot design award winner in 2019. So overall, we give the device a 4.6 out of five. It’s a great device. The look and feel are well thought out. It has an award-winning design, and it’s popular with retailers. We hope you enjoyed our review of the Honeywell CT40. 

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