Enterprise Mobile Software:
5 Considerations for Buy vs Build

July 20, 1PM ET / 10 AM PT

Enterprise Mobile Software:
Five Considerations for Buy vs Build

In this webinar, we explore the perennial debate of ‘Buy vs Build’ when it comes to enterprise mobile software, looking at 5 important considerations to help make your decision. 

  1. Intricacies of Customization
    Does your business require bespoke software or could pre-built solutions be the right fit?
  2. Time-to-Market
    Weigh the potential delays of building software from scratch against the quick implementation of ready-made solutions. 
  3. Support and Maintenance
    Assess the benefits of vendor assistance versus managing an in-house team.
  4. Importance of Intellectual Property Rights
    Discuss scenarios of retaining full ownership or navigating licensing agreements. 
  5. Cost-Efficiency
    Is building your software a strategic investment or is buying a more economical option, considering development time and resources

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer in the industry, this webinar provides crucial insights for anyone looking to strategize their software decisions effectively.

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