How the BlueFletch Launcher Solves Challenges for Companies with Shared Android Enterprise Devices

Companies with shared Android enterprise devices often face challenges with lack of single sign-on, fragmented security, and inadequate support data. Learn how to the BlueFletch Launcher helps solve these challenges.


Paige Pickert  
Companies with shared enterprise Android devices often face challenges with a lack of standards for single sign-on, which disrupts employee workflow and productivity, fragmented security, which increases the risk of a data breach, and inadequate support data, which results in excessive and costly helpdesk calls. Here are three ways that BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher can help solve these challenges are seamless single sign-on ties into all major identity providers and maintains one secure login to all of your web, mobile legacy and third-party apps. With robust device and user-level security controls. Admins can configure smart log-out rules for cradling, no detected device motion, and logout time or per user role. With our integrated support tooling, you can capture more than 60 device-specific data points, including network battery storage and app usage, in near real-time. By leveraging this data, you can create device traceability to know what employees had which devices and when. To learn more, contact our team for a demo of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher.

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