How to Switch to Cocoa Development as a Cocoa Touch Developer

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The Descent to Madness (or Cocoa)

I’ve been developing for iOS for a little over 3 years now. I’ve had a few forays into less mobile platforms here and there, with even one very simple OSX app that I wrote a year in that stayed internal to the company (and only crashed some of the time). So when I learned that myself and two other iOS developers would be working on an OSX app for a client, I thought, “I got this; I know iOS, I’m halfway there” and I wasn’t really worried about it. I prepared myself for the project by deep diving into Swift, which was also new to me and by reading Migrating from Cocoa Touch. There are a million blog posts about this (ok, maybe 5) and just as many tutorials on how to make an OSX app in 5 easy steps. And then we started actual development, with designs and requirements in hand, I suddenly realized that Cocoa is actually Cocoa Touch Bizarro Land. Everything looks the same and is named the same, but doesn’t really act the same a great deal of the time. In fact, the distinction between Cocoa and Cocoa Touch is hardly that; Cocoa Touch means Cocoa Touch, Cocoa means Cocoa Touch. Henceforth, for the duration of this blogpost, Cocoa means Cocoa for OSX and Cocoa Touch means Cocoa Touch for iOS. And with that out of the way, let’s talk a little about my struggles in the shadowy wasteland that is Cocoa development.

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Building Blocks for a Killer Mobile App

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Since the release of the iPhone, and subsequently Android, there have been headlines decrying the ascendency of mobile, how mobile applications will change everything, and why YOU should have a mobile app (or ten) for your company or you will quickly become a dinosaur. This has led to a flurry of apps developed and released within both the enterprise and commercial environments, and, ultimately, the failure of many of these applications in serving their intended purpose, whether that be through monetization or greater employee efficiency.

The question, though, is not whether you need an app for your business, but whether users will utilize that app, and there’s a lot that can get in the way of that, specifically bloated or overly complicated applications.

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Atlanta Mobility Radio: Louis Gump with Digital Current, LLC

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This episode covers the growth of mobile: the biggest milestones, and where mobile is headed. We work to define mobile while pinpointing keys for mobile success in any industry and talking about ways in which mobile is transforming consumer and business behavior. Learn more about Atlanta’s place in the global marketplace for mobile technology leadership and find out where things are headed. How is mobile technology going to change in the next year alone? Read More