Apple’s WWDC – Announcements in the Mobile Space

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Today was Apple’s 2015 WWDC keynote and there were some significant advances of note pertaining to mobile.


If it can run iOS8, it can run 9!

Apple is going to make sure all devices that meet the current system requirements for iOS 8 are able to be upgraded to iOS 9. This is good news for developers and app owners who want to target the latest Apple platform and the most devices possible. Apple is also introducing some technology and techniques to help make better use of the limited storage on their devices. Apps downloaded to a particular device will no longer have to contain many assets intended for other devices. Developers can also indicate parts of an app that do not need to permanently remain on a device and that can be loaded and deleted as needed (e.g. a level of a game).

Speed and stability will be a major focus of iOS 9. Apple claims a possible speed increase of 40 percent, while gaining an additional hour of battery life on phones! Read More

From Tiny Wings to Wing Tips

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Software developers have always had a stigma associated with the way we dress. Perpetually
underdressed and stereotypically touting T-shirts and shorts into the office, we wear our
programming-joke-printed T-shirts like armor against the pressures of the professional work
place. Unfortunately, when companies become successful enough to move out of the closet
sized office in the industrial park, the era of casual wear tends to transition into an onslaught of
pastel colored button-ups and ill-fitting slacks.

The aftermath of this cultural upheaval leaves employees rattled, and shakes out a few characters that we’ve all come to love and loathe. Maybe you’re not the comic book hero T-shirt type. Maybe you were born wearing wing tips and a Loro Piana super 170 blazer. Maybe you’re reading this article, sipping on Fernet-Branca in a black turtleneck at an artisanal pierogi restaurant on the upper west side. Wherever you may stand, let’s take a look at some dress archetypes of the common software man.
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2016 Presidential Race to Mobile Technology

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The 2016 presidential campaign is well under way now that Hillary Clinton and Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have all announced their candidacy. Even though there’s 500+ days until the election, news coverage is already a bit ridiculous (cue Hillary Clinton at Chipotle news cycle).

We are still pretty early in the election cycle so exact details on each of the candidates’ platforms are still minimal – especially since it’s  expected that about 20 more candidates will jump into the race. This includes your Donald Trumps and Waka Flocka Flames. Jokes aside, I am a co-founder in a mobile consulting firm, so I’m naturally curious to see which candidates are going to leverage mobile technology in their run for our highest office.

It seems like each election brings  another innovation or piece of technology that candidates can use to reach the American people. We’ve gone from radio, to television, to internet and most recently social media. These have been platforms that candidates have leveraged to set themselves apart. Now that Grandma is on Instagram, being clever on social media or having a “social media” strategy is par for the course.

Considering that  presidential campaigns raise (and spend) more than a billion dollars in less than two years, they seem more like Silicon Valley start-ups. Given the amount of resources and visibility that candidates have, I wonder if there is more in mobile that campaigns could be doing to gain that slim advantage.

Let’s first take inventory of what the current candidates are up t0:

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Looking Ahead to Mobile Growth

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At this point, it’s an understatement to say the mobile landscape is growing.

More than 80 percent of the world’s population will have a smartphone by 2020 — a number that can be both daunting and exciting, given that there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people.

Mobile’s quick growth has implications in a number of areas, including healthcare, transportation and retail. Taken together, that means the mobile industry will increasingly impact the economy in years to come. Between 2009 and 2014, mobile contributed $548 billion to the United States GDP. Six of the 25 most valuable companies in the world make up parts of the mobile value chain: Apple, Google, China Mobile, Alibaba, Facebook and Verizon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.34.09 AM Read More

The Arms Race – Are We Ready to Adopt the SmartWatch into the Mainstream?

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Smartwatches have inundated the market in the past couple of years, and the most anticipated offering was unveiled by Apple this past week. Apple is looking to dominate the smartwatch space but it still remains to be seen whether Apple or the many other smartwatch makers can turn the smartwatch from a novelty to a necessity.

The Apple watch is entering a crowded space with formidable new offerings by Pebble, LG Urbane LTE and FitBit. Read More

Stay Slim: 10 Most Useful Consumer App Secrets

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This is part 9 of a 10 part series. We’re looking at how startups and consumer apps can study their customers under a microscope in order to create an app that works exactly how they need it to.

9) Stay Slim

When was the last time you removed a feature from your corporate app? Never, you say?? 🙂 In a mobile application, you have a limited amount of real estate and time to capture the data you need to quickly shoot people down your funnels. The more choices and options you give them, the worse your core funnels will behave. In the world of consumer apps and lean startups, you measure what works, and you remove what doesn’t. Of course, deciding that a feature is just not going to work (vs has the wrong implementation) is subjective, but that’s the goal people work toward. Read More

Build Evangelists: 10 Most Useful Consumer App Secrets

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This is part 8 of a 10 part series. We’re looking at how startups and consumer apps can study their customers under a microscope in order to create an app that works exactly how they need it to.

8) Build Evangelists

As we do the steps outlined in previous posts, you will start to notice that your users will not only be happier, but they will be eager to show other employees how to use your app. In the consumer world, we call these people evangelists, and everyone is clambering to get more of them. They talk on twitter, they help other users in support forums, and they tell everyone they know about this cool new app they found. Can we do the same thing in the enterprise (even if we ask them to tone down the twitter a bit :)? Read More

Atlanta Mobility Radio: Louis Gump with Digital Current, LLC

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This episode covers the growth of mobile: the biggest milestones, and where mobile is headed. We work to define mobile while pinpointing keys for mobile success in any industry and talking about ways in which mobile is transforming consumer and business behavior. Learn more about Atlanta’s place in the global marketplace for mobile technology leadership and find out where things are headed. How is mobile technology going to change in the next year alone? Read More

Atlanta Mobility Radio: StarMobile, Inc. and Covello

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This episode covers the growth of mobile technologies for the enterprise. Learn more about using mobile technologies to help users in a focused way and growing companies in a collaborative fashion.

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