This “Internet of Things” is kind of a big deal

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IoT is a big deal

Eventually, most of my things will talk to the internet to make my life easier. My smoke detector will let me know when it needs batteries. Our house will let us know when it senses a tornado is coming. The thing I am most excited about is my car driving me to work. With so many applications and the continued price drops in sensors and processors, it is estimated that there will be 20.8 billion things on the network by 2020. Read More

Tired of Legacy Server Pages?

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Are you tired of waiting for your local server to refresh every time you make a change to the client?  Does the thought of configuring another developer box make you cringe?  Do managers wonder why adding a simple feature takes so long?

A retailer with a complex server page application wanted to convert it to a single page application (SPA).  The application consumed inline data from JSP pages and had no service oriented architecture (SOA) in place.  Below I will describe our successful approach to converting a legacy server page app into an SPA and the lessons learned from this project.

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Why MEAN.JS Matters to Enterprise

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bluefletch changes

Many enterprise leaders today are struggling to make sense of the many options available within the modern web. Very powerful community solutions exist for common problems encountered in modern web development, but the trick is weaving these open source projects together to form a full-stack solution that allows the enterprise to focus on solving business problems.

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