Picture of Wanita McCoy

Wanita McCoy

Quality Assurance Manager

Wanita McCoy is a highly experienced Quality Assurance (QA) Manager with a strong background in quality control and software testing. Her professional journey and expertise can be summarized as follows:


Education: Wanita McCoy is an alumna of Georgia State University Perimeter College, where she likely honed her skills and knowledge in quality assurance and related fields.

Activities and Societies: She was a member of the Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity, Inc and the Atlanta Harlequin Women’s football rugby club, indicating her involvement and engagement during her academic years.

Professional Experience:

BlueFletch (Apr 2016 – Present, 7 years 7 months):

Role: Quality Assurance Manager: Wanita has been serving as the Quality Assurance Manager at BlueFletch for an impressive duration, showcasing her dedication and expertise in this role. As a QA Manager, she likely oversees and manages the entire quality control and assurance process within the company. Her responsibilities may include setting quality standards, defining testing strategies, ensuring the quality of software products, and leading a team of QA professionals. Her long tenure in this role highlights her deep understanding of quality assurance practices and her contribution to the company’s success in this domain.

Wanita McCoy’s expertise lies in the field of quality assurance and quality control. As a QA Manager, she is responsible for ensuring that BlueFletch’s software products meet high-quality standards. Her role involves defining and implementing testing strategies, overseeing the testing process, and maintaining product quality.

With over seven years of experience in this role, Wanita has likely developed a comprehensive understanding of quality assurance best practices and has played a significant role in shaping the quality control processes at BlueFletch. Her commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and her extensive experience make her a seasoned professional in the field of quality assurance.

Wanita McCoy’s background and extensive experience in quality assurance make her a valuable asset to any organization looking to ensure the quality and reliability of their software products. Her dedication and expertise in this field are reflected in her long-standing role as a Quality Assurance Manager at BlueFletch.