Why large enterprises are migrating from Workspace ONE to the BlueFletch Launcher

VMWare (AirWatch) is an established provider for MDM solutions, however, its shared device Launcher is lacking when compared to the capabilities of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher. 

This product comparison highlights three facets where BlueFletch Launcher excels over VMWare’s Workspace ONE:

  • Login Experience 
  • Security 
  • Setup & Integration

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Why choose BlueFletch Launcher?

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BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a secure home screen replacement that provides single sign-on to support shared dedicated Android devices in enterprise environments. 


The Launcher is sold as a SaaS offering (annual per device license). The license also includes BlueFletch Support Agent, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tooling, as well as setup consulting, plugin development, and ongoing support. 

Deployed to more than 200,000 devices globally