Spring 2016

We created the BlueFletch Mobile Review as a way to introduce our clients, partners and prospective clients to our way of thinking and to impart some tips and tricks we’ve learned over our past decade of experience in mobile development. We hope you’ll find it educational, entertaining and maybe even inspiring!

In the Spring 2016 edition, we explore how companies can use data and insight from individual devices to transform how they approach enterprise mobility and we share our expertise on omnichannel retail strategies, large-scale MDM migrations, the exciting world of IoT and much, much more.

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An excerpt from the Mobile Review on Migrating from your Legacy MDM:

“‘Just install the new MDM and have it delete the old one… how hard can it be?’

Don’t you just love it when your management decries that something should be technically easy while they are unaware of the constraints that surround the technology, infrastructure, and software. During my career I have experienced my fair share of hasty decisions leading to problems I’ve then been asked to solve. This is often exacerbated by a software sales guy who over-promises ‘it should just work out of the box’… Where is that guy at 2am when you find a bug in their software and have to go through the painful process of backing out your deployment?

Over the last few years, we have helped an increasing number of customers with MDM migrations for their enterprise rugged devices. Most typically going from one of the legacy MDMs (like MSP or Athena) to a newer MDM such as AirWatch. These migrations have ranged from a few hundred devices up to 40,000 devices. As AirWatch has become more popular in the marketplace, it seems that most folks are moving in that direction.”