Project Examples

Consumer Facing, Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Rugged and IoT

Midtown Alliance


Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Consumer Facing

The details
  • React native development
  • Pilot deployment
  • Technical and functional requirements
  • Application branding and design
  • Geofence-enabled content
  • Offer redemption tracking and user analytics
  • Deal engine integration

IN*MidtownATL Mobile App

Midtown is the heartbeat of Atlanta, home to walkable streets, a robust arts district, and many thriving businesses. When Midtown Alliance sought to enhance their member rewards program for those who live and work in this fantastic neighborhood, they looked no further than BlueFletch.

A rewarding way to experience Midtown Atlanta

Developed in React Native, the  application used geofence technology to encourage members to explore the vibrant neighborhood and discover special offers.



Enterprise Mobile Solutions


The details
  • SigFox Network integration
  • Cloud Micro-services
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • Device & component prototyping
  • Pilot deployment

Airgas cooler app

BlueFletch worked to solve the problem of the physical in-person inspection and real-world sublimation rate for Airgas. BlueFletch created a kit containing a weight sensor, temperature sensor and accelerometer for the door. The cooler’s weight, current temperature, and door opens were sent via the Sigfox network every hour to our cloud dashboard for reporting.

Saving time and money

Previously, Airgas’s drivers would have to manually check ice levels in every store. The app allows Airgas to know which coolers need to be filled and when allowing them to optimize driver routes. Long-term data on the performance of coolers will allow Airgas to have more insight into hardware operation.

Academy Sports + Outdoor


Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Enterprise Rugged

The details
  • TC70 development
  • Launcher and Playbook
  • Legacy SIM Integration
  • Full UX and design cycle
  • MaaS360 Integration

Academy’s Mobile Suite

BlueFletch is working to convert Academy’s store inventory applications from a legacy system to a modern solution more in line with their needs.

The new application suite allows users to perform both front and back of store operations in one easy-to-use interface.  

Enterprise applications don’t have to be boring. An attractive color palette and clean interface give a lively spin to inventory management.

From green screen to modern apps

BlueFletch converted all of Academy’s legacy green screen inventory management apps to modern android applications to take help replace all legacy devices with Zebra TC70s. In addition, BlueFletch customized our launcher product to meet Academy’s specific authentication requirements.

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