Dedicated to solving business problems using technology

Our custom approach accounts for our client’s dynamic and evolving organization.

Our Process

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver the highest quality solution in the shortest timeline possible. Our team can cover all of the areas of the project lifecycle.


01. Concept and Design

Working with our clients to research business problems, technical options and remove the barriers of initializing a mobile app development or MDM solutions project. In this phase, formal requirements, user experience and visual designs are completed.


02. Implement and Test

Leveraging our experienced team of managers and developers to lead mobile, cloud and IoT solution development. Our team of business analysis and qa engineers focus on proper functionality coverage, testing and preparing for operations support.


03. Deploy & Support

Getting our clients over the finish line. Clearing any security audits, submission to the Google Play and Apple App Store for consumer applications. MDM solutions and support for device deployments and providing tiered level support for organizations that want the piece of mind our team is ready and available to handle any issue.

Our Services

We make it simple to engage and begin to execute on your ideas. How our clients leverage our team:

Continuous improvement

is better than

delayed perfection.

At BlueFletch, our innovation is in our process and our ability to solve problems. For over a decade we have excelled at solving business problems through mobile related technologies, mobile app development & MDM solutions. Made in Atlanta, we deliver globally.

We offer a focused set of services for a variety of businesses, from funded startups to Fortune 500s:

Domain related expertise

Retail Operations | Manufacturing and Logistics | Warehouse Operations | Consumer Package Goods

Strategy & Concept
  • Rapidly go from concept to prototype
  • Validate cutting edge technologies
  • Iterate based on customer findings
  • Build the business case or pivot
  • Native App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Mobile Middleware
  • API Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure & 3rd Party Integration
Design & Architecture
  • Technology Analysis & Selection
  • MDM Selection & Integration
  • Middleware & System Integration
  • Legacy System Enablement
  • Data Modeling
  • App/Play Store Submission
  • MDM Solutions & Support
  • Proof-of-Concept, Pilot
  • Deployment Planning
  • Tiered Support
  • Operations Training

Technology Experience

We focus on cutting edge mobile technology, but we also understand how to successfully integrate with operational and legacy systems required to create business solutions.

Android, iOS, Windows


We have experience in mobile app development and MDM solutions for every major platform. Also, supporting hybrid technologies such as React Native, Xamarin, ionic and Cordova/PhoneGap for production enterprise applications.

React, Angular, ASP.NET


We support most modern web application frameworks such as Reach, Angular, Backbone and ASP.NET. Our team has vast experience helping clients transition away from legacy web apps/portals to newer web app architectures.

GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure


There would be no modern mobility without cloud APIs and services. Our experience with the major cloud providers and orchestrating cloud services for the enterprise can be your advantage. We are here to support your cloud native, micro-service and/or hybrid cloud transformation.

Sensors, iBeacons, Geotargeting


Visit our office and see our makers space where we fab prototype sensor packages and 3-D components for client proof-of-concept projects. We also have implemented iBeacons and other location and in-door tracking based solutions.