Bring Insight to the Enterprise

Android Support Agent

We believe our clients should be empowered to make informed business decisions across the entire organization using mobile business intelligence. The BlueFletch Support Agent is the value-add that will drive return on investment through reduced operational cost, increased productivity and enhanced satisfaction.

Get a Complete Picture

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire organization in one central location.

Actionable Decisions

Empower people across your organization to make informed business decisions.

From Insight to Action

See what's happening in the moment and predict future events so possibilities become reality.

Improved Communication

When departments communicate, good things happen.

Support Agent

Cloud Dashboard

The BlueFletch Support Agent Cloud Dashboard is a dynamic experience with full drill-down functionality featuring several options for reports, data visualization and alerts that allow you to view your data in ways that work for your organization. EMM services can be complex and require data-driven decision making to determine the best solutions. Mobile business intelligence allows insight into key data, instantly. Across your enterprise Support Analytics will provide the right level of visibility; from teams generating application metric reports to deep dives into network performance. Let Support Analytics be your catalyst to better business decisions.

Utilize data

to drive decisions regarding enterprise mobility usage, device lifetime and maintenance costs

Monitor & Measure

the effectiveness of corrective actions.

Proactively Identify

contributing OS, wifi access or hardware factors without relying on reports from end users.

Reduce Service & Support Cost

and enable cross departmental communication to better allocate resources.
Support Analytics

Support Application

Mobile business intelligence has never been so important to the success of the enterprise. When employing EMM services, having the right information at your fingertips results in an improved end-user experience and better communication between departments and across your organization. Support Application provides offline visibility into hardware, system, applications, network, security and operations.

Device & App Info

Access to data logs and device information surrounding a particular event or app, your IT team is able to solve problems faster.

Network Profiling

Profile networks for download & upload speeds. Ping backend resources to test reachability.

Help Desk Support

Invaluable tools to both the help desk, internal IT teams and end users when troubleshooting issues in the field.

Battery Performance

Device batteries degrade over time especially in enterprise scenarios. Support Application provides mobile business intellegence data points such as serial number, voltage, average battery life.

Support Analytics

Mobile Agent

Collect and organize more data, bringing visibility into and across your entire organization. Collect mobile business intelligence metrics on usage, device and signaling in order to get a more comprehensive view of your users and devices in the field.

Mobile Agent Provides
  • Works in tandem with our Support Analytics Cloud offering or integrate with existing analytics/big-data solutions
  • Collects up to 60 data points every 30s
  • Log application events with our SDK
  • Monitor and compliance and track devices
  • Supports: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows CE

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