Playbook MDM

Playbook is the only MDM solution developed specifically for (Zebra/Rugged) Android devices. Our device management solution gives the enterprise an efficient and reliable way to manage, configure and update rugged devices. Enterprise clients achieve real-time visibility into your deployment progress, from an individual device to your entire deployment target.


Our focus is simple, provide only the MDM features needed to be successful.

Enterprise Android

With the retirement of Windows CE, Android is the enterprise platform for the future.

Smaller Deployments

Ideal for managing less than 1000 rugged devices at less than a dozen locations.

Shared Devices

Our focus is supporting the company owned shared rugged device deployments.

Playbook MDM

Cloud Dashboard

Our rugged device management system is built on the concept of running plays in sports. Add plays for a device to execute to a playbook. Deploy playbooks to a location/site/store as a deployment group.

Step No. 1

Create Plays

Plays are the core of how devices are managed. Think of a play as an individual action that you want to execute on a device. e.g. Install application, reboot device, execute intent, sleep/wait for X seconds, etc. We currently support Zebra’s EMDK API for devices KitKat (4.4) and older as well as Google’s Android Management APIs for device Marshmallow (5.0 +) or newer.

Step No. 2

Add Plays to a Playbook

Combine a series of Plays into a Playbook. Similar to a playbook a coach would prepare for a particular opponent. A Playbook is a guide for devices in the field to understand how to install not only the technical stack or package of applications but how those applications should be installed.

Step No. 3

Deploy a Playbook to a Location

To deploy a playbook to a site, store, warehouse or location assign it a Deployment Group. Deployment Groups bind the association of device(s) to a Playbook. Many Deployment Groups could reference the same Playbook or have different Playbooks if locations should have slightly different applications or applications versions.

Playbook MDM

GO Application

Our rugged device management system is built on the concept of sports. Add plays for a device to run to a playbook. Deploy playbooks to a location/site/store as a deployment group.


The GO app is responsible for keeping rugged devices sync’d with the deployment group, executing plays and any application updates.

Easy Device Enrollment / Staging

Get rid of your complex ADB install scripts and hours watching one device at a time load software. Verify the OS, wifi network and install the GO app.


Some deployment sites have enough information for the GO app to automatically enroll itself. A custom GO app would be the seamless solution.

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