Proof of concepts

We can help build a mobile proof of concept to assess the viability of a business need. Our in-house team has the knowledge, resources, and experience to quickly execute a POC to validate the value of a concept and test assumptions without a large investment.


When Havertys devices no longer supported terminal emulation software, they turned to BlueFletch to implement a POC for modern Android warehouse apps to replace their existing green-screen apps.

With our accelerated POC turnaround time, in less than 6 weeks Havertys knew that proceeding with custom app development was not only feasible, it was a solution that would simplify processes, reduce overtime costs, and deliver a greater ROI.

Walk before you run: build a POC

When companies invest in software, tools and devices, they must do their due diligence and before pulling the trigger on their next mobile-related investment.

Throughout the process of implementing a POC, we work as an extension of your team helping you validate the value of a concept and test assumptions without a large investment.


  • Evaluate infrastructure, tooling, and device OS
  • Identify problems and needs


  • Determine approach
  • Establish parameters for success
  • Gather requirements


  • User flows
  • UX/UI design
  • Interactive prototypes


  • Collect data and feedback from end-users, developers, and stakeholders
  • Document outcomes
  • Validate concept feasibility

Kick the tires before investing in your next mobile solution


What should be in your mobile proof of concept?

Follow this simple cheat sheet of things to remember when running your next enterprise mobile proof of concept.