EMM/MDM tooling

We offer services to help you maximize your AirWatch, SOTI, or other EMM system. Whether you need help implementing a new EMM or cleaning up processes around existing tooling, our in-house team has the expertise to help you more effectively and securely manage your enterprise mobile apps and devices.


Woolworths’ unreliable legacy MDM had caused numerous operational outages to their 26,000 associate devices. BlueFletch helped provision and configure a modern EMM solution (AirWatch), scaled for all 6 of their major brands across 2,500 retail locations for simplified device management.

We created a simple barcode staging process for their new TC51 rollout and a user initiated OS upgrade of 26,000 MC40s in the field without disrupting business operations.

EMM/MDM process

When first looking into managing mobility, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you navigate through the process and ensure you’re getting the most out of your EMM solution. 

With our deep knowledge of all major MDM providers and years of experience handling large-scale OS upgrades and deployments, we can help your organization more effectively and securely manage devices, apps, and data.  


  • Shared device user experience and login
  • BYOD vs. Corp planning
  • Android readiness and enterprise best practices
  • Roadmap for app migration


  • Logical device hierarchy
  • Staging processes
  • External tools for automation
  • Enterprise integrations


  • Network and security profiles
  • Application and config packaging
  • Role-based access layer
  • Analytics dashboards amd reporting


  • Fast, scalable staging process
  • 1-touch site aware configuration
  • Field rebuild process

Maximize your AirWatch, SOTI, or other EMM system


Strategies for enterprise Android deployments

Here are some best practices and tips learned from assisting many companies with their rugged Android deployments via Mobile Device Management Tools.