Zebra OS Update Tool

BlueFletch’s OS Update Tool ensures Android OS and security patches complete on the first try, without failure. With customizations not available from MDMs and multiple safety checkpoints, we ensure minimal downtime for Zebra devices when applying updates.

OS Update Check Points


  • Configurable primary and secondary download locations.
  • AirWatch integration for enrollment and OG moves.
  • Intents to launch apps after upgrade and boot.
  • Cleanup for removal of apps and files.
  • Splunk integration for monitoring and reporting


  • Increase success rate via checkpoints of “phases”.
  • Variety of hosting options can reduce data transfer over Internet.
  • Easily seed files ahead of upgrade to extend deployment runways.
  • Active alerting with Splunk integration for any devices experience issues.
  • Automatic retry logic reduces downtime for upgrading Zebra devices.

Request OS Update APK

Visit us at BlueFletch.com or contact info@BlueFletch.com for additional information.