Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of everything we do at BlueFletch. The company was founded by four managers at a national consulting firm who thought there was a better way  – a better way to work, a better way to run a business, a better way to live. We believe that by allowing ourselves to exercise creative freedoms we gain personal fulfillment while impacting the lives of many. That’s why we were so excited to team up with Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia to mentor and host their Annual Business Plan Competition.

YEGeorgia was founded in 2006 with the mantra Education is Power and the mission of teaching high school students the value of entrepreneurship. This encompases not only adding value to the economy but also the sense of self empowerment and freedom created when you build something for yourself. YEGeorgia hosts a full-year course teaching high school students the fundamentals of how to start a business. Throughout the year the students receive support from certified entrepreneurship teachers and one-on-one interactions with business leaders. BlueFletch is proud to include itself among that list of mentors.

In mid-April, the final three teams came to BlueFletch for a mentoring session.  BlueFletcher’s Kira Greco, Earl Ferguson and Grant Stevens volunteered to guide the students through ways to improve their business plans, as well as the best way to leverage technology to grow the reach and scope of their proposed projects.

The Finalists

Karma Tattoos

Karma Tattoos

You Think It – We Ink It is the call to action for Karma Tattoos. Their temporary tattoos offer consumers an avenue of self expression without the permanence of a real tattoo.


Reserve my Spot

This app attempts to solve the parking problem at Tucker High School. With only 68 spots for 300 student drivers, that’s a lot of time, gas and (gas) money saved!

forever young

Forever Young

Forever Young offers non-toxic beauty products aimed at the 11-14 tween market with the goal of allowing young women a safe way to practice applying make-up.

On the evening of April 30th the three finalists came back to BlueFletch to present their plans to the competition judges – BlueFletch CEO, Brett Cooper, CIO, Richard Makerson and COO, Jeffrey Steinke. All three teams did an excellent job at presenting their plans and fielding some tough questions from the judges. After much deliberation, the judges combined their scores for the presentation with the previously weighted scores for the written business plans.

Emotions were running high as the judges announced their findings. Besides bragging rights, the winners would continue on to the national competition and a chance to win $25,0000.


And the winner is…

3rd Runner up, $500 prize: Karma Tattoos

2nd Place, $800 prize: Forever Young

1st place and the $1000 prize: Reserve a Spot

We are so proud of all of the students and can’t wait to see what happens at the National Competition. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Reserve a Spot wins big! And we’re looking forward to seeing the hopes and dreams of all of the competitors come true. With a lot of hard work I know these kids will make it big!


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Lauren Lynn

Lauren Lynn

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