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By October 16, 2015 April 2nd, 2019 Product Updates

Companies that have implemented wide-scale mobile device roll-outs are looking for how to further enable their business and security goals, as well as how to enhance the end-user device experience. We think that an enterprise custom launcher is integral to fulfilling these needs.

An enterprise custom launcher will give you flexibility in how you allocate devices, will increase your device security and will forward your business goals. Here’s how:

Enable every device to be customized for every employee at any time

Voice services follow employees: At login, VOIP numbers associate with the device, eliminating the need for a separate pairing application
Notifications follow employees: notifications work without play services and associate with the employee profile, instead of with the device
Custom application groups (beyond security groups): unlimited profiles can be designed to allow certain employee groups to view only a sub-set of approved apps – these are the only apps that display after login
Custom application order: beyond seeing a subset of approved applications, employees will view the apps in a customized order for their job function, streamlining their workflow

Decrease device navigation time

Home screen search bar (our favorite feature): On the device landing screen, a search bar takes any text and provides appropriate responses – users can search for apps, system files, contacts, SKUs, order numbers, etc. from the same search box
“Smart Scan” (also really cool): Responses to the device native scan function are configurable – when a receipt is scanned, a configured app is opened to process an order; when a barcode is scanned, the product information is displayed
Single sign-on for all applications: Upon logging in to the launcher, all applications are provided credentials, so device usage is seamless – make it even more seamless with NFC login

Support localized business processes

Notification streamlining: notifications can be sent to specific users, pre-defined user groups, employee roles and specific company locations – this can be organized by business entities in the company headquarters
Location-specific data load: the device loads the device location, address and associated phone numbers to be accessed by applications – this allows location-specific functions to be used universally on all phones

Increase Device Security

Lock down device settings: Depending on the employee permissions, they will not have access to the device settings
Contained notifications: Notifications use local services, instead of the play store, so all company notifications are administered in-house

BlueFletch Enterprise Custom Launcher

At BlueFletch, we saw the failings of other custom launchers on the market, so instead of complaining about their shortcomings, we just made our own launcher! The features described above are Uniquely found in our finished product.

Watch the video below to view a quick demo of our launcher, and email to get in touch with someone from the team!

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