Stay Slim: 10 Most Useful Consumer App Secrets

By March 5, 2015 March 23rd, 2015 Ideas For Your Business

This is part 9 of a 10 part series. We’re looking at how startups and consumer apps can study their customers under a microscope in order to create an app that works exactly how they need it to.

9) Stay Slim

When was the last time you removed a feature from your corporate app? Never, you say?? 🙂 In a mobile application, you have a limited amount of real estate and time to capture the data you need to quickly shoot people down your funnels. The more choices and options you give them, the worse your core funnels will behave. In the world of consumer apps and lean startups, you measure what works, and you remove what doesn’t. Of course, deciding that a feature is just not going to work (vs has the wrong implementation) is subjective, but that’s the goal people work toward.

What Not To Do

You’re measuring what works. Awesome! Now don’t leave the remnants of your failed experiments around.

What To Do Instead

Add features that help you get to your goals. If a feature isn’t helping, pull it out of the app. It will cost you more in support and in the reduction of your core goals being achieved than you will gain by leaving it there. Treat it like a sunk cost and move on. NOTE: occasionally, features are just in the wrong app. Consider moving it to an app better suited to a different set of use cases and users.

Set limits on the number of core use cases in an app to 3 or 4. This will help you avoid the inevitable bloat.


Our idea from step 7 to pre-populate locations where we could buy clothes in correct sizes when a shopper tried on clothes doesn’t seem to be helping out our funnel. We have tried pushing users to use it more, but even with more use, it didn’t impact the rest of the funnel. Our management loves the idea of this feature, but it seems to be more related to making sure shoppers have a first class experience in the store, so we are going to move it into a new app and new role in the store for our fitting room clerk. We’re going to give the idea one more chance, but not at the expense of our sales app!

Blake Byrnes

Blake Byrnes

Founder & CTO at BlueFletch.