In early 2017, an all-female project team from BlueFletch was sent out to make the Midtown Alliance mobile application. There was no specific plan to draft a team of only girls, but as the resources fell, so female the team was. I (Kira) did business analysis and project management, Nicole made a delightful design, Alli cranked out the React Native iOS and Android apps, and Wanita QA-ed the finished product until it hurt.
Midtown Alliance, WIT, Women in Tech
Midtown Alliance, WIT, Women in Tech
Midtown Alliance, mobile app dev, women in tech
Midtown Alliance, Women in Tech, WIT

The Midtown Alliance Member App allows MA members who live or work in Midtown to redeem deals at neighborhood businesses.

While there is nothing remarkable about any one of us doing the particular job that we were assigned to do, statistically, it was improbable that we would find ourselves as a group of all girls (At BlueFletch, there is currently a 3.13% chance that a random four-person project team would be all-female). The composition of our team was unique enough to be noticed and positively reflected on by our client, Midtown Alliance.
So what does a lady tech team look like?

Kira Greco - Business Analyst and Project Manager

WIT, Women in Tech, Midtown Alliance

Years at BlueFletch: 3.5

Background: BA and MA in Civil Engineering and Construction Management; 2 years in manufacturing management; 4 years in tech

Specialty: Leading clients to reveal what they didn’t know they wanted in a product

Project Highlight: Benefiting from the cohesiveness and engagement of the Midtown Alliance client team

Nicole Gatlin - UX Designer

WIT, Women in Tech, Midtown Alliance

Photo by Kathryn McCrary –

Years at BlueFletch: 1

Background: BA in Art History & BA Global Developmental Studies; 4 years design experience

 Specialty: Seeing potential in what could be mundane app moments and transforming them to surprise and delight clients and end users

Project Highlight: Working within the constraints of Midtown Alliance’s playful brand identity

Alli Velez - Senior Developer

WIT, Women in Tech, Midtown Alliance

Years at BlueFletch: 1.5

Background: BA in Art History, BS in Computational Media; 4.5 years agency/consulting experience

Specialty: Engineering delightful and performant UI

Project Highlight: Getting to work closely with our UX Designer, Nicole, as she designed the UI

Wanita McCoy - QA Analyst

WIT, Women in Tech, Midtown Alliance

Years at BlueFletch: 1.5

Background: 6 years experience in customer service; 3 years experience in Entitlement solutions and account management

Speciality: Motivation and compassion – I strive to better myself and everyone around me to promote success

Project Highlight: Learning about the Midtown Atlanta area and how the Midtown Alliance grows and strengthens the community

I feel obligated to make a conjecture about the efficacy of females working on tech projects. Our fem-team occurrence was significant enough for it to be commented on, but did its makeup really have any bearing on the outcome of the project?
Here are some measurable project observations:
  • The project was completed on-time
  • The clients expressed delight at the finished product
  • We have received unsolicited accolades from app end-users
  • Our company made money off of our efforts
Now, I will not make the conclusion that our project team performed better as a result of being composed of ladies, but I will say that our individual team members have been shaped by their experiences of being female.
WIT, Midtown Alliance, women in tech

The ten BlueFletch ladies who work on client projects. Alli, Kira, Felicia, Wanita, Jenelle, Paige, Shanavia, Norma, Chenell, Nicole (left to right).

There is a certain bar for being successful as a woman in tech. You may have to insist that your voice be heard in meetings, and when interacting with some people, you may have to earn their respect, rather than having it be assumed. So if you’re working with a female in tech, there’s a good chance that she is a driven human who has put in marked effort to be where she is.

Want to hire the ladies of BlueFletch to make you an app? There are ten of us who can make your all of your mobile dreams and wishes come true! Reach out to me at, and we’ll get cookin’.

Kira Greco

Kira Greco

Business Experience Lead - Kira has experience in business analysis, user experience, marketing, operations and project management. She has worked in many industries and uses her strong analytical skills to drive process performance and organizational efficiency. She holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.S. in Construction Management and Engineering from Stanford University. Favorite restaurant: The Porter