Introducing Support Analytics: Enterprise Mobility Services

By January 9, 2015 April 8th, 2019 Product Updates

picjumbo.com_IMG_7446Phones are crashing and you work at a help desk. Call after call comes in, and everyone needs a solution.

Why are the phones crashing? Is there a pattern? How many crashes are unreported? Will this update help? Is a certain app part of the problem?

Sitting at the help desk, you try to figure it out but find yourself royally stuck. There isn’t a go-to resource, so the problem is referred from one person to another in the hopes that someone can figure it out.

So there’s another associate wasting time calling the help desk, and you’re still not sure how to help them. Or — possibly even worse — there’s an entirely undetected problem at play and employees aren’t using their phones out of sheer frustration.

This situation happens time and time again. People spend valuable time searching for answers and pointing fingers at each other: the network, the hardware, the software, the MDM. The list could go on. All of this happens because of a lack of visibility: what’s really the status of your mobile fleet? And can issues be found in a matter of minutes, rather than hours and days?

From a rollout of 40,000 devices to a major retailer to the creation of a mobile client through analysis of user data, we’ve seen the frustration that comes from not having the right tools to troubleshoot mobile fleet issues. Having done so, we decided to develop Support Analytics. A software solution that let’s you check the status and health of your mobile fleet, Support Analytics provides the information necessary to detect and analyze individual and fleet-wide performance issues.

In doing so, Support Analytics prevents the operational headaches familiar to companies with fleets of mobile devices. By presenting an interface from which companies can check up on problems related to hardware, system, applications, networks and security, Support Analytics provides the platform necessary to ensure a functional, effective mobile fleet.

Measured Device MetricsSupervisors and help desk employees alike are equipped to use Support Analytics as an overall time and money saver by:

  • observing device usage patterns
  • proactively identifying changes in OS’s or applications that are causing stability issues or crashes
  • pinpointing the devices needing hardware repairs or battery replacements
  • identifying those applications and processes that consume excessive network, processor or battery resources

BF_MobileFleetAnalytics_05There’s no need to waste time or money, or take extra phones out of commission for testing. One look at a customized search in Support Analytics’s dashboard interface can help determine the root cause of fleet issues by providing quick insight into the health of a mobile fleet and notification of potential issues.

Instead of sending an entire mobile fleet over to the hardware department only to find that 90 percent of the phones in question don’t even have hardware problems, a help desk worker or developer can take just one look at Support Analytics and assess the actual problems at hand.

That customization is at the core of BlueFletch’s plans for Support Analytics. Get in touch, and we’ll work with your organization to customize Support Analytics to best suit your needs, bringing ease and efficiency to the forefront so you can spend more time working and less time at the help desk.

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