Build Evangelists: 10 Most Useful Consumer App Secrets

By February 26, 2015 March 23rd, 2015 Ideas For Your Business

This is part 8 of a 10 part series. We’re looking at how startups and consumer apps can study their customers under a microscope in order to create an app that works exactly how they need it to.

8) Build Evangelists

As we do the steps outlined in previous posts, you will start to notice that your users will not only be happier, but they will be eager to show other employees how to use your app. In the consumer world, we call these people evangelists, and everyone is clambering to get more of them. They talk on twitter, they help other users in support forums, and they tell everyone they know about this cool new app they found. Can we do the same thing in the enterprise (even if we ask them to tone down the twitter a bit :)?

What Not To Do

Don’t let all this potential talent go to waste after you do all this work to build happy users.

What To Do Instead

Think about providing incentives to your power users. You should be able to identify them pretty easily by looking through your analytics for users that are clear and away your top “goal achievers.” Incentives might just be simple recognition to peers, or emails from leadership. You might also consider prizes or bonuses if your organization truly values what they’re doing. What you’ll receive in return is evangelists even more resolute in spreading the word about your app and converting novice users into experienced users.

Beyond power users, can you identify who is helping other users? If you provide community help forums and ask for your team of users to talk to each other about how they solve problems, you might end up not only reducing support costs, but also finding your evangelists busy in the forums. They’ll be great for new feature ideas and helping your app get the usage it deserves.

Another thing to think about is your app’s “shareable” moments. You’ll probably notice consumer apps asking you to constantly talk about your experiences on social media. Inside an organization, you might ask your users to announce their enjoyment over slightly different vehicles, but the concept is the same. Could you provide a feedback forum inside the app? Or simply ask users to take pictures of using the app and email them in? Maybe you can turn around with a newsletter to all the users showing off benefits in action.


We took a look through our analytics and noticed that 3 people were just killing it compared to everyone else: over 50 more conversions in their funnels per month than any other users. We decided to reach out to them directly on emails copied with their leadership and the other users of the app to announce that their efforts were earning them a $2000 bonus each. Leadership could look at hard sales numbers resulting from the app, and that bonus had been easily paid for by each evangelist’s efforts. We also created an internal help forum that could be accessed from inside the app. It got embedded in a feature that allowed users to log feedback directly to support, but proposed answers from existing answers in the forum. We decided to let our users optionally weigh in on support issues as well, and found several more evangelists here that we also recognized.

Blake Byrnes

Blake Byrnes

Founder & CTO at BlueFletch.