Today was Apple’s 2015 WWDC keynote and there were some significant advances of note pertaining to mobile.


If it can run iOS8, it can run 9!

Apple is going to make sure all devices that meet the current system requirements for iOS 8 are able to be upgraded to iOS 9. This is good news for developers and app owners who want to target the latest Apple platform and the most devices possible. Apple is also introducing some technology and techniques to help make better use of the limited storage on their devices. Apps downloaded to a particular device will no longer have to contain many assets intended for other devices. Developers can also indicate parts of an app that do not need to permanently remain on a device and that can be loaded and deleted as needed (e.g. a level of a game).

Speed and stability will be a major focus of iOS 9. Apple claims a possible speed increase of 40 percent, while gaining an additional hour of battery life on phones!applePay

The Brits get Apple Pay, we get more of it.

In July Apple Pay will launch in the UK with the endorsement of many of the region’s major banks. Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey states the service will soon be accepted at more than 1 million locations. Apple also announced support for making Square payments, so get ready to pay by phone at the food truck. In an interesting aside, Passbook is now called Wallet…Thanks Google.


Swift for everybody!

Swift 2 is coming…to Linux. In addition to promises of faster compiling and speedier performing code, Apple is open sourcing the entire Swift codebase. We at BlueFletch are excited about contributing to the Swift community, and the possibility of using this powerful language on platforms beyond iOS! For more information on the future of Swift, here is the announcement on the Apple Swift Developer site.

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