Last week, BlueFletch Managing Partner Richard Makerson, had the honor of hosting a top-notch panel of experts on Wearables and the Worker at SuperNova South. Many thanks goes out to our very special panelists Steve Bachman, Bruce Rasa and Josh Waddell, who led a lively discussion on the current state of wearables in the enterprise and gave us insight into the challenges faced as well as their predictions for future iterations of the technology.IMG_4311

Rick moderator
As the founder of the start-up TEKWear and AGVoice, Bruce Rasa came to the topic with experience from the field. Josh Waddell, Global VP of Mobile Innovations with SAP gave us insight from the enterprise perspective and Steve Bachman, CEO of Hi Tech Partners, let us know what he sees on the horizon and what peaks his interest as an advisor, investor and entrepreneur.
As many of you already know, SuperNova South is the largest and longest running tech conference in the Southeast. With over 1500 people in attendance, from entrepreneurs to big box retailers, it’s a dynamic crowd super fired-up for the content-rich programs and events. And our panelists did not disappoint. 

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Bachman was sought after for his thoughts on the potential of the technology and what new services or industries might be born from wearable tech. He gave some interesting examples from the field of healthcare around the possibilities of “smart” bandages and fabrics.
  • Bruce and Josh were in agreement that hands-free enabling technology, be it Google Glass or a voice-activated technology, will be the fastest growing and most quickly adopted form of wearables.
  • As a Google Glass Explorer, Bruce was adamant that the social stigma of wearing the glasses did not occur in the field. The benefits far outweigh the silly looks for the workers doing the job. In fact, to them it was just another form of the safety goggles they already wear.
  • The possibilities are endless and ground breaking – imagine being able to see in real-time what a technician is doing, making it possible to give directions or double check safety measures.
  • All three of our panelists were in agreement that, although wearables haven’t quite hit their stride in the workplace, it’s only a matter of time.

With the technology in its infancy, the possibilities are endless and exciting. By implementing wearable tech, improvements in business processes are palpable and measurable. Although the parameters are still to be determined, it’s clear that the enterprise will be able to gain actionable insights from the employee and customer data generated from wearables.

After the panel, Richard and Bruce made their way over to Business RadioX with Ryan “RedHawk” McPherson. You can hear their segment on wearables and the Atlanta technology scene below. 

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