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Is An MDM Really Necessary?

When rugged devices first were deployed into the wild, the modern MDM solutions we know today did not exist. The pioneers of enterprise mobility had to create solutions for the problems they faced. Early in my career at Accenture we essentially built a platform on top of Windows CE that allowed applications to shared common components in order for us to rapidly build mobile applications. However, so many of the legacy devices that have served in warehouses, grocery stores, airports, etc., need to be replaced and so should the old way of managing rugged devices.

What Should be in Your Mobile POC

Most companies are focusing on mobile strategies and have begun investing heavily in dedicated devices, software, and relevant tools. As a result, there’s a natural

A Money Making Innovation for Transportation & Logistics

Years ago when I worked at Accenture, I participated in an innovation contest sponsored by the United States Postal Service (USPS) account that I was on. The goal was to cultivate innovative ideas that USPS could leverage (or Accenture could use to sell additional work).

Managing Proof of Concepts

We can all agree with the saying, “practice makes perfect.” Whether you are you learning your ABC’s at a very young age, or practicing free

Always On Home Security

With the impending arrival of Google Fiber in my neighborhood, I can’t contain how happy I am to finally have an alternative to Xfinity. I


I have been writing a series of blog posts trying to convey what makes an engagement with BlueFletch special and unique. My first post highlighted

Where the road ends: Why is Custom Important

Identifying, solving and executing precise solutions for business problems can be a struggle for organizations of any size. This is especially challenging when solving problems that are